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Save Federal Taxes Legally with the Spendthrift Trust
Business Owners & Investor

Sally Gimon works with Business Owners, 1099 Income Earners, and Investors to save Federal Taxes with the Spendthrift Trust.


The Spendthrift Trust is legal, patent and in the IRS Tax Code 643 (B).

This is the same Trust the Rockefellers and US Presidents use.


Spendthrift Trust saves you in 3 ways:

     1.  Federal Taxes

     2.  Keeps Your Information 100% Private

     3.  No Judgements if you are Sued

     4.  No paperwork for the 2024 Corporate Transparency Act


The Business Trust is for 1099 Income and will save at least 70% in Federal Taxes year after year.  


The Beneficial Trust is for Investors, and they will stop paying the following taxes:


            Capital Gains

                    Short Term

                    Long Term either 15% or 20%

            Interest Income

            Dividend Income

            Rental Income



Sally Gimon is looking for live stages. summits, podcasts, or your FB Group.  My talk “How to Save Federal Taxes Legally.”  There is a JV Agreement, it's your audience.


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