Transform Your Rental Property Summit 2024 
Transform Your Rental Property Summit 2024 
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Organizer Emin Muhammad
Transform Your Rental Property Summit 2024 
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Transform Your Rental - Expert Speakers Invitation

You know how many landlords struggle to make a profit on their investment properties?  Well, what we do is enable landlords to double returns on their investment properties, so that the landlord can pay his/her mortgage so that s/he can live an easier and more worry-free rental property management life.

Clarity Creates Wealth: Crafting Your Rental Vision
Bernardo Moya Founder of The Best You

Delve into the transformative power of clarity in shaping your personal and professional vision. Regardless of your profession, explore the pivotal role that a well-defined vision plays in driving wealth and prosperity in the rental market. Learn how the concept of vision helps shape your goals, identify lucrative opportunities, and navigate challenges with confidence. Discover actionable strategies to craft a rental vision that not only maximizes profitability but also aligns with your values and aspirations. Whether you're a seasoned landlord or a newcomer to the rental game, this talk will empower you to architect a future of abundance through the clarity of your rental vision.

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Change Management
James T McKim, Jr. Founder/Managing Partner

How do you change and encourage others to change so that you and your organization will improve? This session will provide you with insights into these questions and more to anyone seeing to ignite their performance.

Business Leadership
Change Management Business Coaching +1
Goal setting stack for your home rental hack!
Lucy Dutton Holistic High Flow Coach

Lucy J Dutton is a Holistic High Flow Coach & speaker. Creator of Mastering Purpose and Peak Performance™ where she coaches mature women how to design the next chapter of their life.   

Despite the fact that she used to be painfully shy, she found her voice within a health company she promoted. Gradually building her self-confidence and self-belief. During that time she spoke on many live stages and is now passionate to help other women to find their purpose and realise their inner power. 


More about Lucy: Lucy was a professional dancer for 10 years and has been an entrepreneur for over three decades, while single parenting. 
She has been a coach and mentor to both men and women since 1997 and founded her own Holistic High Flow Coaching business in January 2023. 

Save Taxes Legally
Sally Gimon Owner

US Business Owners & 1099 Income Earners save at least 90% on Federal Income Taxes yearly.  Stop paying state income taxes in 43 states.


US Investors stop paying Capital Gains, Interest Income Taxes, Dividend Income Taxes, Rental Income Taxes, and Royalty Income Taxes on profits!

Financial services
Energize Your Life: Effortless Health Strategies For Super Busy Professionals
Chu Tang Health & Wellness Entrepreneur

For super busy professionals, we keep hearing the old saying of "No health, no wealth", but we think staying healthy is very time consuming and takes a lot of effort.  In this seminar, you will discover that it is not true.  Living at your peak health performance where you have maximum energy, good quality of sleep, and no pain does not have to be difficult.  It is simple to energize your life with effortless health strategies with no hassle, just results!

Health & Well-being
Healthy Living
The best investment on Earth IS Earth!
Brad Warren Land banking consultant

Learn how you can build generational wealth by investing in land.  

Global Real Estate Investment Opportunities
EUGENE MANDELCORN Producer/Writer, R.E. Investor

How To Buy A Home On The French Riviera For As Little As 10 Cents On The Dollar.

Investor Relations
Hidden Money For Homeowners
Joseph Lam Hidden Money For Homeowners

The problem today is that 8 out of 10 homeowners are worried about their money and wonder if they could ever retire. 

I am Joseph Lam, the author of ‘Hidden Money For Homeowners.’ 


I have been in the real estate industry for over 30 years and closed over  $200,000,000 in real  estate and loan transactions.

I help you save money and discover extra cash from your house. 

I mentor homeowners using real estate to generate passive income for secured retirement.

We explore three essential areas for you:

  1. Mortgage matters—discover the secrets of paying off your mortgage in 5-7 years and how to utilize your home equity.
  2. Green Homes— Convert your home to a green home utilizing heat pump technology and solar to save you money on energy.
  3. ADUs—(Accessory Dwelling Units) build a second unit in your backyard for extended family and rental income. (Including garage conversion.)
    1. (Adding a JADU & an ADU to your existing home essentially converts your single family to a triplex-income property. It is viable and legal in the State of California. Check with your local jurisdiction for local requirements.)


I am Joseph Lam, the author of ‘Hidden Money For Homeowners.’

Community Building
Shanei Bornman Born Coach Shanei Born

How to get more people through your door, who are eager to do business with you, without wasting hours on cold calling, prospecting, or hoping for referrals, Even if what you've tried in the past didn't work.


If you'd like to discover a proven, easy 5-step strategy to 

  1. Get more bookings and
  2. Secure more repeat clients
  3. Get high-quality, pre-qualified leads that sell with ease
  4. Grow a substantial, quality email list
  5. Expand your business sustainably

Then you're in the right place. 

The “5 Secrets To Get High-Quality Leads That Turn Into Bookings With Ease” will empower you and your business to grow exponentially because, it will enable you to build The Intelligent Lead System in your business that runs automatically.


For those who attend there will be 2 other free gifts that will help you to grow your business with ease.


Shanei Born


Marketing Digital Marketing +4
The Rise of Renter Nation
Tony Lopes CEO, Author, Coach & Speaker

Join Tony Lopes, renowned real estate investor, author, and inspirational speaker, as he dives deep into the transformative shift causing seismic opportunities for real estate investors, entrepreneurs and businesses. This session transcends boundaries to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within each attendee.

Be inspired to rethink your goals and investment strategies as Tony breaks down the political, economic, social, and cultural forces driving this trend. It's not just about real estate; it's about understanding the pulse of Renter Nation and capitalizing on the untapped potential it holds.


This presentation is perfect for:

  • Real Estate Investors
  • Entrepreneurs/Business Owners


The audience will leave with:

  • An understanding of the political, economic, social, and cultural forces driving this trend.
  • Knowledge of how to capitalize on its untapped potential.


Business Real Estate +2
The 5 Codes of Conversation for Rental Operation and Better Communication
Jackie Bailey International Conversation Coach

Communication is not optional, yet we do not always give conversation the consideration it deserves to win the hearts and attention of family, friends, and tenants.

The International Conversation Coach for Kids and Adults, Jackie Bailey, has witnessed dynamic shifts in family relationships, friendships, and even business success when five particular codes of effective conversation are applied. These tools are beneficial to adults, teens, and kids because they are simple and practical.

Because of Jackie’s engaging style, you’ll not only learn the Five Codes of Conversation, but you’ll also be putting them to use before her presentation concludes. You’ll leave her session a more effective conversationalist.

Education Entertainment & Art +3
Education Communication +8
The Tale of Two Tech Stacks
John Stokinger Director of Sales

Join John, as he dives into the importance of choosing and evaluating short-term rental software solutions.

John brings 8+ years of experience on the vendor side of vacation rental hospitality tech and a wealth of knowledge surrounding the ancillary solutions you're using to run your business.

You'll leave this presentation knowing what questions you should be asking before making tough decisions that affect your personal business trajectory.

Technology Real Estate
How to pick the right property manager
Charles Mullany CEO

A brief guide on how to pick the right property manager, because picking the wrong one is all too costly. 

Data Management: Leveraging Short-Term Rental Data
Emin Muhammad Owner

Unlock the power of your data with expert strategies for effective management. Dive into the world of databases, files, and data organization to harness the wealth of insights hidden within your short-term rental business. Learn practical techniques to streamline data management processes, enhance decision-making, and skyrocket your rental success. Don't miss this opportunity to own your data and revolutionize your rental business!

Business Development
Heart Health Crisis 2024 - Metabolic Unwellness
Peter Wainberg Life and Heart Health Coach

Humanity is facing its greatest challenge ever in dealing with a record number of people who are metabolically unwell. 

A 2022 study confirmed that 93% of the American population are in fact metabolicaly unwell which is defined as men with a waist size 40 inches or higher and 35 inches or higher for women, an elevated LDL cholesterol above 80 mg/dl and A1C (insulin resistance) at 5.7 or higher.

The presentation will include discussions on each of the key risk factors for heart disease outlined above and also a plan for metabolic wellness including creating a sense of urgency to create awareness and take action to prevent disease, disability and pre-mature death.

There are two key principles in lifestyle medicine that are life changing as follows:

  1. The human body has the ability to heal on its own.
  2. There is no neutrality in life. You are either on the road to disease or health and by default most people are unfortunately on the road to disease because health is not taught in school.

It is important to note that the statistics indicate that men and women in the 50's and older are peaking at metabolic unwellness as they have accumulated sufficient inflammation and plaque in their arteries to put them at the highest risk of of heart disease that could lead to disability or pre-mature death.

Life is precious and life is short, start your journey to heart health so that you can have the freedom to live your healthiest and happiest life ever!

Secrets To Building a Championship-Caliber Team
Bobby Hurley Sr. Hall Of Fame Basketball Coach

Exclusive session with legendary basketball coach Bobby Hurley Sr. as he unveils the secrets to building a championship-caliber team. Drawing from decades of coaching experience at the highest levels of competition, Coach Hurley shares actionable insights for cultivating a winning mindset, fostering strong communication, and nurturing teamwork. As the keynote speaker for the "Transform Your Rental Property Summit," Coach Hurley will also highlight parallels between team building in sports and property management, offering invaluable strategies for achieving success in real estate. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the most respected figures in sports coaching and discover how to unlock the potential of your team, regardless of what profession you practice.

Business Education +3
Organizational Coaching