Laura Donnelly
Laura Donnelly
Donnelly has an MFA in Theatre Arts/Dance from the University of Arizona (UA). She completed master's level coursework in Business Management at the University of Phoenix and Six Sigma training at the request of the UA Provost. She has consulted on numerous small business enterprises for medical doctors, fertility specialists, architects, locksmiths, home inspectors, contractors, realtors, and retail stores. She has provided grant writing, operational management services, and administrative process improvement for businesses, academic departments, and arts organizations. She toured throughout the U.S. and Europe as a professional dancer performing ballet, modern, and historical dance. Her choreography has been performed in the U.S. and Europe. Donnelly specializes in identifying and utilizing transferable skills.

Laura Donnelly is a teacher, mentor, choreographer, dancer, writer, business coach, and founder of Dancing with Ease. She teaches Body-Brain-Business Balance online and in person. The work is based on Laura's 35 plus years as a performer and teacher of the Alexander Technique, Movement Fundamentals™, Somatics, and Business Management.

Multi-talented, successful, sensitive people hire Donnelly to teach them to reduce stress, eliminate overwhelm, and discover their “right effort” to achieve dynamic balance in all activities so they can surf the waves of change successfully. Applying this work to business creation and development allows business owners to create enterprises that fit them while utilizing their unique skills. Donnelly uses her Body-Brain Balance method to ensure that the business that evolves fits the owner/founder like a fine leather glove. Based on a foundation of personal wellbeing and emphasizing organic growth insures that the business supports awareness and personal growth while bringing financial success and joy.



Rituals of Modern Society: Perspectives on Caribbean Dance Fusion and Dance Sustainability, Editors: Neri Torres, Aminata Cairo, Sally Crawford, Laura Donnelly, and Nzinga Metzger Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 

The Sustainability of Dance as an Art Form: Economics, Politics and the Philosophy of Resistance, A Non-Violent Approach to Resistance Using the Alexander Technique is included in Rituals of Modern Society.

Dance Technique – a Basis for Lifelong Learning appeared in the Chinese/English magazine All in One. Donnelly’s essay Meditation in the Dance Studio is published in Teaching with Joy: Educational Practices for the Twenty-First Century, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. 

2000 - 2015 numerous live and video presentations: 5th Annual International Conference on Civic Education, University of New Mexico Mentoring Conference, International Association of Dance Science and Medicine, Hawaii International Conference on Arts & Humanities, and National Dance Education Association.



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