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Holistic Psychologist,BodyTalk practitoner, Author & Speaker
Psychologist (MA Counselling Psych) with a specialty in trau

Kerry is a Holistic Psychologist and BodyTalk practitioner who supports women to embrace their soul-aligned purpose while using their feminine superpowers to have more ease, flow, and to prevent burnout.  She shares her unique body, mind and spirit approach to help women understand and overcome the blockages and patterns that keep them small, overwhelmed and depleted. 


With a background in trauma and stress management Kerry has a deep personal and professional knowledge of the impact of nervous system imbalance and childhood experiences on health and wellbeing. Kerry was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome and now applies what she learned through her healing journey and consequent spiritual awakening to her coaching.

Her coaching introduces embodied practices and heals disconnection between masculine and feminine energy to address body, mind and spirit imbalances manifesting as physical or mental health issues.

Kerry loves to support women to feel more empowered and to take their health back into their own hands, while coming home to themselves and their own unique truth and purpose.



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Embrace Your Purpose in Business Without Burning Out

Do you have a burning desire to make an impact in the world through your business (whether you are currently in your soul-aligned business or not) but fatigue or fear of burnout, keeps you living small? 

Kerry Magnus will share her own journey with Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome and how she used her health issues and burnout as the rallying call to rediscover her truth and birth the business of her dreams. 

Whether you battle with burnout or not, or perhaps just a fear of stepping into your fullest potential in business, this talk will support you through exploring the following: 

·  What your purpose actually is and how to know when you’ve discovered your soul-aligned purpose 
·  Why many of us actually operate from a place of conditioning and learned patterns that keep us small and often exhausted 
·  Whether you are operating your business using predominantly masculine or feminine energy 
·  How balancing the masculine and feminine energy can support you to decrease stress, leverage natural cycles and rhythms for increased energy and productivity, harness inner wisdom for authentic offers that attract aligned clients, invite ease and flow and much more… 

She’ll also guide you through a short embodied practice to feel how your business impacts your health. 

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