Kelly Martin, PhD
Kelly Martin, PhD
Language and Communications Specialist
~Language & Communications Specialist ~Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Translation Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas ~Course Developer & Leader ~Author
A linguaphile or lover of languages (particularly non-native languages) and communiphile, a lover of communication (a self-coined neologism, if you will)), I am enthralled by anything to do with how and what we communicate...whether in one's native and/or non-native language, whether articulated with pen and paper or via a digital medium or tool, or whether communicated visually or verbally; My mission is to impact as many coaches and service professionals, so they can effectively, authentically, and meaningfully connect with their ideal clients, one message at a time.


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3 Strategies to Communicate with Your Teen
Do you feel frustrated when trying to talk to your teen? Find it difficult to engage your teen in conversation?  Receive the eye-roll reaction or a one-word reply to your questions? Learn about and easily implement three scaffolded strategies you can implement to (re)connect with your teenager through conversation: active listening (which involves more than just paying attention), empathizing, and validating her feelings and experiences. This signature talk is information-rich and action-orientated and one that you surely do not want to miss!
Family & Parenting
Parenting Teens
3 Strategies for Being a BadA$$, Credible, and Authentic Communicator in Both Life and Business
How to be your best, captivating self while engaging in 
  • Small Talks: Video 
  • Medium Talks: 1:1 strategy or coaching sessions and webinars
  • Large Talks: Stages--virtual and/or physical (e.g. summits)

Leadership PR & Communications
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