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I help solopreneurs create their first premium online course
Course Creation Specialist

Dr. Kelly Martin works closely with solopreneurs, independent experts, and coaches aspiring to develop their first hybrid online course. Focusing on aspects ranging from course-creation mindset to multimedia content development, Dr. Martin is dedicated to helping her clients create truly life-changing digital learning experiences. Her offerings, which include courses on course creation and done-with-you services, are firmly grounded in learning science, instructional design best practices, and tangible, transformative results for learners and you!


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3 Strategies to Communicate with Your Teen
Do you feel frustrated when trying to talk to your teen? Find it difficult to engage your teen in conversation?  Receive the eye-roll reaction or a one-word reply to your questions? Learn about and easily implement three scaffolded strategies you can implement to (re)connect with your teenager through conversation: active listening (which involves more than just paying attention), empathizing, and validating her feelings and experiences. This signature talk is information-rich and action-orientated and one that you surely do not want to miss!
Family & Parenting
Parenting Teens
3 Strategies for Being a BadA$$, Credible, and Authentic Communicator in Both Life and Business
How to be your best, captivating self while engaging in 
  • Small Talks: Video 
  • Medium Talks: 1:1 strategy or coaching sessions and webinars
  • Large Talks: Stages--virtual and/or physical (e.g. summits)

Leadership PR & Communications
Audience Rapport Communication +4


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