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Gut and Soil Health Advocate for Conscious Eating/Living
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Ann is a Gut-Health Advocate, author, teacher, retired Registered Nurse, and energy-jewelry crafter living in Delta, BC Canada. Ann’s spiritual awareness has found a way to blend all of the body’s systems into harmony and helps others awaken to the same harmony of body, mind and spirit. Because of her background in nursing and holistic health as well, she weaves her energy work into establishing gut wellness and conscious living, all via nutritional balance. The mindset of course regulates the systems. 

Ann guides individuals to create longevity by way of creating a new relationship with food, its Life Force energy, and the ecosystem within themselves to be in a better, more conscious control of their health. This in combination with an awareness of toxin-related causes to gut inflammation that when calmed, will help resolve many mental and physical health issues. 

The knowledge of our gut microbiome and Ayurvedic nutrition are key components to assist folks to make better food choices that will reduce the inflammation in the gut that actually causes dis-ease in our bodies. Symptoms people experience are part of a loving communication system your body uses and the potential for feeling your best rests in your awareness of your unique body talk. 

We are intrinsically aligned with the Earth, the Cosmos, the soil, Nature, our food and each other and we are stepping into times where our Conscious Eating and Conscious Living will create more aligned solutions for ourselves and humanity. 

When she’s not researching new discoveries, Ann can be found in the garden, walking with her friends to prepare for half-marathons (walkers), enjoying her family and her two grandchildren, and until recently taught school kids how to grow their own food with the Urban Bounty Non-Profit she worked for. She is also busy building her app, Authentic Sacred Design based on wellness and mindful diet, lifestyle choices to create peace within. 


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Gut Buddies: Your body's internal support team

Your body's best defense system begins in the hidden realms of your gut microbiome and your gut buddies are there to support you.

Stress on the job can seriously affect the peace and harmony in the digestive system, your first line of protection. 
What, when and how you eat makes a big difference to your overall health, often unseen at first and presents later in life.

3 key points:

  • choosing foods to strengthen your immune system weakened by stress
  • foods best to avoid to reduce stress in your gut
  • other factors like sleep and exercise to support your body and your gut microbiome
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