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Removing the man-made layers that hide the Knowledge
AKIA Philosophy, 11 books 7 Courses 30 years teaching

I've been teaching the mysteries of life and the universe for over 30 years. I lived in various countries and travelled to far more, all over the world. I learned about different cultures, religions and mindsets. My work greatly benefits from my first-hand experiences. In my teachings, I focus on the concealed knowledge of earthlings to help them through the awakening process, understand the interrelations of events through the self and the mirrors provided by the surrounding. My mission is to open the path towards conscious living and healthier existence by gaining emotional and mental intelligence. My writing came as a side effect of creating courses and lectures. I have eleven books published, one of which is a best seller. In my books I tackle the ever-growing mental and emotional dysfunctions, offering remedies in the process. Although a few of my books are classified as fiction, they are experiences of multidimensional living and astral travellings my students and I fully understand and use every day. My psychic abilities easily take me through timezones and enable me to see past lives, establish the present and predict the future. 

I mainly create evergreen premium courses with weekly Q&A-s for professionals in the business, coaching, educating and healing fields. 

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Digesting your thoughts - The interrelation between your mental & physical health.

I would like to introduce the mind, the unique essence of earthlings, as the governing place of their existence. It is the place where physical health is decided. It draws the path of life, creates emotions and makes vital decisions in everyday existence. Since the gut is the centre of survival, the mind channels all its contents straight into it. 


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