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Meeting the needs of transition non profits & their clients

“Accept, appreciate, and value others”…. is a motto by which to live. It is said that when a person leaves the presence of Wendy Kraft, he or she feels valued, important, and appreciated. 

Wendy shares such important topics as self-development, personal growth, taking the lead, the importance of understanding the circle of concern vs the circle of influence, and keys to choosing a healthy community within which to leverage this pivotal facet of self-leadership.

Wendy is known as an engaging and entertaining speaker with tips, concepts, and witty quips from her talks being quoted long after an engagement has come to a close. 


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Owner Tap and Save

Wendy has been observing business owners since childhood, starting with her father. She was forever asking questions, curious about what makes a business tick. She has learned to stay close to forward-thinking, fast-moving, yet wisely paced, principled business leaders. 

Wendy has helped run various networking groups and she has also become adept at connecting business owners to "good fit" people and services and gets excited when she sees business owners flourish.

Education Leadership
Collaboration Communication +8
People Skills, Personal Development, Service-Mindedness, with a Light Heart and a Healthy Body
Wendy's lighthearted ways of conveying messages through the power of the story unite audiences and leave them wanting more. Her commitment to her own personal development has led her to greater friendships and business relationships than she ever thought possible. Woven within her talk are tips on health and well-being, without which she would not have the energy to do what she loves most-connecting others to the people, tools, and opportunities they seek.
Digestive Health E-Learning +12


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