Wendy Corner
Wendy Corner she/her/hers
Working with Speakers to maintain uniqueness & poke the bear
30+ years working in the communication field.

Meet Wendy Corner…

The Founder and Creator of Your Words Have Power, a platform for speakers to share their messages and stories to inspire people to live their lives fully. 

She’s on a mission to help countless Speakers to step onto stages across the world and share their messages and stories to change lives.

2023 is a MAD year – a year for speakers to  Make A Difference with the flow of writing a multi author book, being a summit speaker, an intensive retreat to work on crafting, delivering and promoting your signature talk and an in person conference in Perth with hybrid facilities. 

Wendy migrated from Scotland, to Perth, Western Australia. She works with international clients who:

  • Have a burning desire to be a Speaker from the stage to inspire, motivate or sell a product/service
  • Harbour a goal to do a TEDx talk & wider stages and experience the visibility and credibility being on the red circle brings
  • Are seeking to launch their career as a prolific professional speaker.

TEDx trainer at University of Western Australia  for 5 years.

30 years as a Speech Pathologist.

She works holistically using her proprietary framework to support speakers to communicate using body, mind and spirit to connect at a deep level with their audience. 


Her signature talk is “Your Words Have Power! Conscious choice of the words we use both internally and externally impacts every area of our lives.”

Kombucha Enthusiast!




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