Embrace: Learning to Express Ourselves 6th Annual Women Inspiring Women Conference
Embrace: Learning to Express Ourselves 6th Annual Women Inspiring Women Conference
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Organizer Rollie Allaire
Embrace: Learning to Express Ourselves 6th Annual Women Inspiring Women Conference
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Embrace: Learning to Express Ourselves is a 3-Day International Women’s Day Conference and Celebration that will expand globally as we shift to a Virtual Experience. Embrace: Learning to Express Ourselves brings good-spirited women together to have fun, gain insight, create community, find inspiration and make meaningful connections.

In its 6th year, Women Inspiring Women is creating a wave of positive change both personally and professionally, as well as individually and collectively.

A true Mind ~ Body ~ Heart and Soulful experience. Each day is filled with inspirational speakers, group activities, an opportunity to connect with many women in business, evening socials, and good old-fashioned fun!  

Emotional Flexibility and You
Alyson Williams Empowerment Strategist, Self-love Advoca

Alyson will discuss the concept of Emotional Flexibility which is the ability to deal with the uncertainties of life and the connection between being emotionally fit and empowered. 

Together, emotional fitness and empowerment, enhance our ability to express ourselves with 'power' based on total responsibility for our own actions & emotions and acceptance of & compassion for ourselves and others. 

She will outline the Above and Below the Line behaviour model and its influence on our quality of life;  what influences our belief system; & how we have the ability to change our self-belief and, as a result, our quality of life.

Personal Development Personal Growth +1
Re-envision Your Relationship with Money
Brittany Tam Certified Money Coach (CMC)®

Let's spend some time together inquiring into the money stories we hold so that we can create gentle, easy action steps towards sustained change.

In this hour, Brittany Tam will spend some time discussing how our money stories affect our behaviour, and take some time to explore our own money stories. We'll see how we can create insight through this awareness, and look at the role insight plays in creating something new.

Finally, we'll look at the role action plays in creating sustained change, with compassion and gentleness, and how archetypal frameworks can support our decision-making.

How to be Your True Authentic Self
Cindy Crowe CEO of Identity and Purpose Coach

Cindy Crowe will share about her Spiritual journey and how she discovered her gifts. Cindy will highlight how Spirit has provided her guidance and her purpose and how she receives Spiritual messages. 

She will present the concepts of identity and life purpose as per her understanding and experiences. She will ‘plant a seed’ to the participants on how to begin thinking about who they really are. She will talk about the process that she follows, the steps, the ceremony. Cindy will prioritize time for questions.

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart
Claudia-Sam Cataford Sauvé Soul Connection Coach

How often do you find yourself overwhelmed by the to-do list as you're trying to fall asleep? As a go-getter and a change-maker, there's NO WAY that you can be a Leader and make the impact that you want in the world feeling like you're not (doing) enough. In this interactive talk with Claudia-Sam, you'll learn how to let go of the overthinking mind and trust your body wisdom to make confident decisions. Learn the recipe to stop trying to "figure it all out", using the Tune-In method. You get to be an active participant in your own life NOW!

SHINE - Never too late...
Diana Luik (Petzold) Transformational Leadership Coach

to see your life with new eyes and to have the courage to create it anew.

to stand in your power, reclaim your unique legacy and surpass your life as your never thought is possible, professionally and personally.

step into a whole new you?
It is never too late to regain your fame of life & chase your desired dreams.
The answer is YOU, let's Upgrade you NOW!

the permission to change - it's a CHOICE!

Allow yourself to listen carefully and you will know your next steps.  

STAND in YOUR Power and Make an Impact!

Turning Months Into Years: Create Wellness Within
Diana Wright Turning Months Into Years:

Cancer is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. The synergy created by combining both traditional medicine and naturopathic medicine allows the body to heal. The body can heal itself when all the underlying problems are corrected. Every body stressor must be corrected and replaced for hormones and glands to function properly. Energy frequency must be raised to a healing frequency of -50 millivolts (mV) for the cells to respond and heal. One affected with cancer or advanced disease cannot hope to get well without an intact immune system that is functioning optimally. 

Holistic Health
The Future is Female
Fania Borok Your Financial GPS

Money is not everything, but it sure can make life easier and less stressful.

Think of the last 25-30 decisions you had to make, and I bet 90% were made based on the state of your account balance.
47-57-year-old women influence decisions for three generations! They make 89% of decisions on all electronics purchases!
And yet most women will lament that they are "not good with money" or will defer all decision-making to their male partners.
Who and when told them that they are "not good with money"? Their mother, father, society?

It's time to change that!

From Desk To Destiny - How One Woman Learned To Embrace Herself
Heather Markel Full Time Travel Coach

Have you ever woken up to the fact that you're living the wrong life? You suddenly realize you've been following a life path that you're not aligned with, and it makes you feel real crummy about yourself? Well, that was me, too! I'll be sharing my journey from trying to fit into “the wrong life” (aka - wrong marriage, wrong career), how I radically transformed my life to one of full time travel, and how this lifestyle can help you embrace yourself through the core lessons it teaches.

Lifestyle Travel
Creating Your Own Life's Song
Jessika Satori Dr.

People pay for others to personalize a book, website or artistic creation. What about a challenge of writing your own song about a certain time or emotion that you felt (or still feel) are important? The first part of the presentation is to discuss doubt or fear and dealing with the ghosts of "I can't sing, I can't write." The second part is to talk about storytelling--what are the elements of good story, choosing a specific subject and narrowing focus, creating images, and writing. The third part is finding a melody, and to start singing a song, YOUR song.

The Liberated Self: Know Thyself
Karena Osborne Witch

Knowing thyself as whole is half the battle. 

Liberation starts by knowing who you are and what you want, but your shadows can make that hard to see. In this session we will uncover the story that keeps you stuck, integrate its shadow, and alchemize the experience with a little soul work. 


Together let's

⭐ Define Your Experience

⭐Discover Your Shadow Stories

⭐ Embrace Your Inner Villain (recognize people pleasing)

⭐ Learn tools that will have you trusting your intuition


It's time to liberate yourself, and it all begins by knowing exactly who you are. Slay!

Embracing a Vision Driven Life
Laura Price Mindset & Transformation Coach

One of our greatest challenges is that we have stopped dreaming. We’ve stopped believing that we can accomplish what we want; we’ve convinced ourselves (or allowed others to convince us) that we’ve gotten too old, or too busy, or too __________.

We will explore 3 keys to creating a life that YOU love and set about a plan to head in that direction.

By understanding how our thoughts create our reality, we can begin to change the narrative and become the person we have only dreamed about. We do this by embracing a vision-driven life.

Play to Your Strengths
Nermine Zakhary Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer

More than any other factor, playing to your strengths accelerates performance, relationships, energy & results.

Come prepared to learn the impact that strengths awareness can have on you personally, on your performance at work, home, and in your community … and how to identify the areas where you have the greatest potential for building strength.

We'll bust the myths that may be holding you back, learn to recognize the signs of a strength, and explore ways to manage weaknesses. We'll introduce the CliftonStrengths assessment and send you off with the information and tools you need to rise to your strength's edge!

Our Body Knows: Embrace Your Story
Phoebe Leona Embodiment Guide

Have you ever been blindsided by a major event in your life? You may want to ask your body if it knew it before it happened. 

The question is, if you knew what your body knew, would you make different choices in your life to live in alignment with your soul’s desires?

From over 20 years of being a somatic/movement teacher, Phoebe Leona shares how to listen to the stories you carry in your body. This transformational experience is filled with tons of valuable information with easy and tangible practices to guide you to live in alignment with clarity and confidence. 

Are You Climbing the Right Mountain?
Rianna Hijlkema Wilderness Guide & Nature-based Coach

Everybody has dreams. Some want to become rich or famous, others want to have a fancy car or the newest gadgets, and others (like me) ‘just’ wanted to have a baby...

The question is not, what do you want, but what sacrifices are you willing to make? Everyone has a different limit to how much they can or want to give in the pursuit of their dreams.

Rianna Hijlkema believes that despite not having what you want most, you can still live an extraordinary life. In this talk, she helps you find the right mountain, YOUR mountain, so that you can create a life where you feel fulfilled, inspired, and empowered.

Health & Well-being
Personal Development Personal Growth +1
Embrace: Learning to Express Ourselves
Rollie Allaire Holistic Life & Wellness Coach

As the Host of this Virtual Experience, we will embark on this 3-Day International Women’s Day Conference and Celebration. 

Embrace: Learning to Express Ourselves brings good-spirited women together to have fun, gain insight, create community, find inspiration and make meaningful connections.

In its 6th year, Women Inspiring Women is creating a wave of positive change both personally and professionally, as well as individually and collectively.

A true Mind ~ Body ~ Heart and Soulful experience. Each day is filled with inspirational speakers, group activities, an opportunity to connect with many women in business, evening socials, and good old-fashioned fun!  

Health & Well-being
Communication Energy +37
Financial Independence Frees Your Voice
Simran Bhatia CEO, Flowation

Financial independence allows women to step into their power. This session will teach you how to make the amount of money you want, within the time you have to work - through an online business.

Simran begins with some anecdotes to highlight the need for financial independence. She will use her 2 decades of e-commerce experience to help women create a profitable business plan. You will leave with a clear action plan of what steps they need to take, and how long it will take them to become independent.

Marketing Business +17
Stop Apologizing, Start Leading with Confidence
Tammy S Drost Business & Brand Strategy Expert

We've all seen her, that woman who walks in the room and owns it. She has a leadership presence and commands attention and respect. She's confident, energetic, focused on solutions, and completely at ease. 

In this session, you'll learn the following:

  • Different forms of apologies
  • Why women apologize too much and how to kick the habit
  • Myths about confidence
  • Tips for building self-confidence
  • 10-ways self-confidence leads to success

You'll also leave with tools and resources to continue your journey to building confidence. 

If you're a woman looking to develop confidence or hone your leadership presence, this session is for you!

Business Leadership +2
Business Personal Development +22
Labels - How we define Ourselves.
Teena Ryan Intuition Coach | Best-selling Author

Many women, if questioned, don’t know who they are without their traditional labels of Wife, Mother, Business owner, Daughter, and Sister, to name a few.

Many cannot describe who they truly are without them. Let's be honest, it's scary to sit in silence and ask yourself, “Who am I”?

Is it possible to redefine/ craft a newer identity more in alignment with who you are, the woman you truly desire to be but have been too afraid to reveal?

Labels, either self-imposed or given by others hide your true potential - let's discover what jewels are lying beneath the surface!

How to Have Better Conversations
Teresa Hunt ADR Practitioner

Conflict can be tricky. It can show up in anticipated or mysterious ways. It can occur between spouses or coworkers and can last minutes or a lifetime. The field of conflict resolution is vast and can address many issues with a variety of methods. But what can you do to resolve conflicts once they start? Resolving conflicts can be done in a constructive way. Having good communication skills will help in all aspects of life, a person's work life to personal life and everything in between. Teresa Hunt will discuss different methods and strategies to have better conversations.

How to Stop Making Excuses and Start Getting Stuff Done!
Tina Collura Founder and CEO

Have you ever asked yourself?

  • What's stopping me from getting that new job/new client?
  • How many more days/months/years are you going to allow YOUR Inability to Get Stuff done and Control your lack of the outcomes you desire?!

Get ready to join award-winning productivity coach, Tina Collura, who is going to share:

  1. 21 Ways to Kick Your Procrastination Habits
  2. 6 Ways to Become More Productive
  3. 5 Ways to Start Completing a Task Right Away

This a great opportunity to change your current state and to choose to make this year and make today and every day, a Great Day!

Aligning with Your Truth, Power and Joy
Veronica Lee Transformational Visionary & Mystic

We are evolving rapidly, thus many old patterns are falling away as new awakenings are stirring within. As we learn to follow soul guidance, we discover our authenticity, learn ways to more aptly express ourselves, and become more empowered through our conscious choices.

In this interactive presentation by Veronica Lee, you will:

  • Gain a picture of your soul purpose
  • Understand the value of being who you are here to be
  • Learn tools to support your journey of discovery and empowerment
  • See and appreciate your inherent gifts more clearly
  • Feel more connected to your truth, power, and joy
Spiritual Growth Intuition +3
Your Words Have Power!
Wendy Corner CEO

The words we choose to use both internally and externally impact every area of our lives. Let's choose them consciously to work FOR us rather than against us!