Vanessa Nixon
Traditional Naturopath, Master Herbalist
Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy Master’s in Herbal Medicine Certificate in Aromatherapy Certificate in Nutrition Certificate in Homeopathy Certificate in Reflexology Certificate in Iridology Professional Middle Eastern Dance Performer and Instructor Founder and CEO of Natural Look Mineral Makeup

As a Traditional Naturopath, CEO of the natural cosmetics company Natural Look Mineral Make-Up and Professional Belly Dance Instructor, I am passionate about helping empower women to thrive during the spiritual initiation of their menopausal journey, using nature as their guide, so they can make this the most vibrant and impactful phase of their lives, through natural health, natural movement and natural beauty.


We all have an innate wisdom and access to ancestral healing knowledge, if we only know how to tap into it. Once we are able to connect with this intuitive inner healer, we can become confident in taking ownership of our health. This is so important at this time, when the conventional healthcare system has failed so many, especially since the pandemic began.


I imagine that your listeners might resonate with the combination of spiritual  and practical tools I share :

* Exploring intuitive wise woman traditions to build a solid foundation for holistic, inspired and vibrant health

* Discovering herb witchery to craft a toolkit of natural remedies so you can heal yourself and your family

* Embracing ancient movement meditations, and beauty practices to create radiant wellness

* Learning how to gracefully navigate the shifts and changes in your life by accessing your inner wisdom and ancestral healing knowledge

I would love to be considered as a guest speaker in your next summit. Please let me know if you’d like to talk further about this possibility.