Tracie Root
Tracie Root

Tracie Root is a coach, a speaker, an author, and a community builder. 

Tracie ended her career in corporate America and found her new calling after a personal family tragedy. Her partner of almost 20 years passed away after a battle with Cancer, at the age of 47. Tracie and her two toddlers were left with no family nearby, a house “underwater” from the housing crisis of 2008, and couldn’t see how anything was going to change. Ever.

Then, years later - a spark. That light inside her, dimmed after years of trauma and loss, finally started to shine brighter. She saw a way back to her former self and began the journey, one step at a time. She shifted her career to one of helping others at a deeper level while making more time for her own fulfillment, adventure, and joy.

Now Tracie helps women remember their best selves.  For almost a decade, she has been serving and supporting clients around the country to SET and to GET their goals in health, in life, and in business. With the founding of Gather in 2019 and its expansion in 2020, she took her own goal-getting advice and created a community of like-minded women who are growing and thriving together. Tracie serves women around the US in her group programs and in The Gather Community to expand their potential to live their BOLD life!

Tracie is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker. Audience members take away the belief that they can do ANYTHING! Tracie speaks frequently on cultivating optimal health and well-being, goal-setting and strategy, entrepreneurship, overcoming tragedy and loss, and other personal development topics. Her ideal audience is women 40+ who want more out of life, emerging entrepreneurs, and anyone who has dreams unrealized.

Tracie lives in Santa Cruz, CA, is married to her best friend and they are raising two teens and a dog. 




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Introduction: How to Live your BOLD Life!
How to Live Your Bold Life 
Join Tracie for an Introduction to her workshop, How to Live your BOLD Life! 
In this 1-hour introductory seminar, Tracie will share key principles for living a BOLD life of dreams, love, visibility, and fulfillment! Even if you are already moving toward your goals, this hour will uplift you and may offer you a new perspective for what’s to come next!

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