Tom Matzen
Tom Matzen he/him/his
Serial Entrepreneur
- given over 11,250 live presentations over the last 37 year

Authority entrepreneurs hire Tom to build seven and eight figure enterprises by helping them package their wisdom and knowledge and build a global movement in the process.

Tom has started some 92 businesses of his own, eight to seven figures and beyond. More importantly, his personal coaching clients have generated more than one hundred and seventy-five million in sales in dozens of industries across the globe. 

However he has made more mistakes on his own businesses already than most people make in a lifetime. He has made and lost millions, several times over.  

Tom Matzen shares his authentic-self with communities around the globe with real-life stories of glorious triumphs and colossal failures of how he has made and lost millions, several times over.  Leveraging this priceless knowledge Tom is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to do good and make money at the same time.

Meet serial entrepreneur, Tom Matzen.


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