Talia Dashow
Talia Dashow
Speaker, Coach, and Creatrix
BA in English, University of California Berkeley Certificate in LEGO Serious Play Certificate in Mediation Coach since 2001 Speaker since 2001

I have two main areas of expertise - ending procrastination, and increasing creativity. In my experience, creativity helps people end procrastination by exercising their “try it and see what happens” muscle instead of having to be perfect before they start. My talks are full of creativity games and interactive fun, as well as serious, science based information. My usual talks include “How To Stop Procrastinating: 4 Ways to Overcome the 3 Major Obstacles to Productivity” and “Creativity Will Save Us: How Changing How We Think Can Change The World.” 

I've spoken on live stages pre-Covid and Zoom stages during the pandemic era. I'm engaging and funny (most of my humor is spontaneous, so it doesn't come across when I write these types of overviews. Sorry) and people leave my talks both inspired and with practical steps they can take.

What else… I have a coaching business, mostly focused on ending procrastination. I run Creativity Club, mostly focused on creativity games, which is starting to attract an international audience. I like animals, teal is my favorite color, and you can usually bribe me with baked goods. 


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