Swanette Kuntze
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Swanette inspires people to create a life beyond brilliance

Swanette Kuntze is a Success Mindset Coach and Spiritual Mentor.

Her passion is to guide gifted and mission driven business leaders to overcome their Upper Limit Problems and create a life beyond brilliance.

Her own life journey started with a near death experience at the age of 8. Becoming clairvoyant and pre-cognitive and being able to really to look beyond. As she was not fitting well into the norm of society this let her experience several moments feeling like Phoenix rising out of the ashes. And at the same time with all the ups and downs she got curious about life in different aspects, exploring science and spirituality, to end up finding her own essence, gifts, mission and embrace the abundance of life.

Now Swanette helps people to kick the invisible glass ceiling that is still holding them back from achieving their true potential. She inspires people to explore their best self, their essence and their vision of life. She is doing this by helping people to overcome their emotional blockages and traumas that leave them stuck and unfullfilled and that hold them back becoming genious and unstoppable for ultimate success. 

Swanette empowers visionaries, futurists and heart-centered leaders so that they too can live a life beyond brilliance.



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