Sri Rayankula
Mr. Sri Rayankula he/him/his
LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE...Worrying about your Job or Life.
Yoga-Teacher, Entrepreneur, Engineer and a Public speaker.

My name is Sri. I am a yoga teacher, mental health advocate, and mindfulness speaker. My vision for society is to help individuals find solutions to their own problems by living in the stillness of their minds and bodies. My core principles are compassion, and co-existence to help make this world a better place for present and future generations.

I like to bring new perspectives to my audience and hence my topics are usually stimulating and thought-provoking. 
My topics are:

  1. How to STOP worrying and START Loving Work & Life!

    2. Helping people conquer the fear of Dying and Fear of Living!

    3. Combatting violence and hate in our homes, schools, and streets.
    4. Creating a World without violence: A recipe for peace and harmony.



This is an example talk for Sri Rayankula

How to STOP worrying and START Loving Work & Life!

Brief Summary:



Job stress & burnout is no fun. Find a way to make your 8hrs, fulfilling & rewarding because you are capable of great things!

Humans in the 21st century are spending vast amounts of their lives at work (close to 50% of the day!). This is why, it is important that we find purpose and passion in what we do at workplace.

Can our work become more than just putting food on the table?

Can we make our work stress-free and satisfying every single day?

Can we wake up with passion to accomplish something every day?

Welcome to my 60 minute-Life transformation Speech. My name is Sri. I am a Yoga teacher & a Mindfulness speaker at Yoga-Point. I have put together this course (& video series) with invaluable lessons derived from my own work experiences and drawing from the ancient principles of mindfulness and meditation techniques to bring about deep changes within you in how you view your work, workplace and life.

I look forward to meeting you in person and sharing these lessons.



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