Virtual Wellness Works Vitality Summit
Virtual Wellness Works Vitality Summit
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Organizer Ann Hester of Inspire Health, LLC
Virtual Wellness Works Vitality Summit
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                                                                     Virtual Wellness Works Vitality Summit

Are you passionate about promoting health and wellness? Do you have valuable insights and expertise to share with a diverse audience eager to enhance their well-being? We invite you to be a part of the free virtual Wellness Works Summit as a speaker and help us empower individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to lead healthier lives. Our summit aims to bring together experts in various aspects of wellness, from natural dietary practices to exercise, nutrition, sleep, and more. We are searching for dynamic speakers who can inspire and educate our attendees on the path to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

As a speaker at the Wellness Works Summit, you will have the opportunity to share your pre-recorded 20-60 minute message with an enthusiastic audience eager to improve their wellness journey. Whether you have a unique perspective on holistic healing, cutting-edge exercise techniques, mindful nutrition, or strategies for achieving restorative sleep, we encourage you to submit your proposal. By sharing your knowledge and experiences, you can make a lasting impact on the lives of those seeking guidance and inspiration in their pursuit of well-being.

Join us in shaping a healthier future for all by becoming a part of the Wellness Works Summit. Together, we can create a platform where individuals can access practical, helpful advice and take proactive steps towards achieving their wellness goals. Submit your proposal today and be a part of this transformative event that aims to make wellness a way of life for everyone. Your expertise could be the key to unlocking a healthier, happier world.




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Calm by Design: Unlocking the Secrets of a Stress-Free Life
Angela Di Paola Mental Health Therapist - Author

Discover Calm by Design! This presentation is your roadmap to a life of balance and peace. Learn the crucial role of personal boundaries in stress reduction and increased life satisfaction

In 'Calm by Design,' learn to identify and confidently assert your limits. We offer practical methods and clear solutions to challenges like guilt and fear of confrontation.

You'll experience the benefits firsthand: enhanced clarity, improved relationships, and a profound sense of control over your life. Join 'Calm by Design' and get the tools you need to live a life of tranquility and confidence. Welcome to a more relaxed, empowered, and harmonious way of living

Health & Well-being
Stress Management Self-confidence +3
Empowering Your Journey to Pain-Free Living
Ani Papazyan Pain Resolution Specialist

I love to make my presentations interactive, fun, informative, and transformative. Teach attendees self-help techniques that they can use right away, have them feel that living with pain should NOT be their new norm. They can have tools in their toolbox and use when the need rises. Giving them power and choices.

Health & Well-being Healthcare
Health Holistic Health +3
Building Bridges, Not Barriers: Nurturing Healthy Relationships in a Stressful World
Carlee Myers Founder, The Stress Less Company

According to the American Psychological Association, the fourth top stressor for Americans is relationships. Whether we like it or not, relationships are everywhere we look. Because of this, they have the power to either soothe our stress or exacerbate it. Join stress and relationship expert, Carlee Myers, for this training to discover…

  • The number one reason people fight at work
  • What negativity is and how it impacts your relationships
  • How to repair after you experience a rupture in connection
Education Family & Parenting +4
Stress Management Relationship +4
Naturally Healing Anxiety
Carleigh Burns Holistic Mental Wellness Coach

Anxiety is so multifaceted, and this means there is so much we can do to break free of the constraints that anxiety has on us! Join me to learn about the mind body connection, and about simple steps you can take each day to gain control over your life, fall in love with yourself, and leave anxiety in the past!

Health & Well-being Therapy
Holistic Health Mental Health +1
Ditch the Diet; 3 Simple Steps to Lose Weight and Feel Great
Dara Lee Simmons Simmons CEO

Ditch the Diet incorporates the power of mindset, eating whole foods and embracing joyful movement to live the a healthy lifestyle without a restrictive diet or the need to spend hours in the gym.

The wellness problem that no one is talking about
Duncan Bhaskaran Brown Speaker. Author. Morris Dancer.

People talk about sleep and wellness. People talk about movement and wellness. Boy, do people talk about yoga and wellness. 

Yet, no one is talking about alcohol and wellness. 

Which is a problem because if you’re drinking on too many days or even a bit much at the weekend then buying blackout curtains, getting a fitness tracker and downward dog isn’t going to help. 

Alcohol affects your sleep, your concentration, your mood, your microbiome, your blood sugar levels. It trashes your willpower and self control. And it does it at surprisingly low levels. 


But it doesn’t have to. 

There is a way to get control of your drinking. It doesn’t require monk-like dedication, white knuckles or intestinal fortitude. It’s so simple I can explain it to you in just a few minutes. 


It’s time to put down the glass and power up your wellness. 


Business Education +5
Mental Health and Autism: Raising Awaren
Louis Scarantino Self Autism Advocate

Dear Conference Committee,

I am writing to express my interest in presenting at your upcoming conference. My name is Louis Scarantino, and as an individual with autism, the theme of your conference resonates deeply with me. I strongly believe that it is essential for people to stop seeing autistic individuals as problems and start understanding and accepting them as they are.

As a recognized advocate for autism, a certified motivational speaker, and an author in the autism field, I have a wealth of experiences and insights to share. I believe these will be of great value to your audience, many of whom are grappling with ASD challenges.

I propose to deliver a speech on a topic of immense importance - “Mental Health and Autism: Raising Awareness and Promoting Change."  Every autistic individual is worth saving, and it is my hope that through my proposed speech, I can contribute to a greater understanding and acceptance of autism in our society.


I will discuss some of the most common myths about autism, such as the belief that vaccines cause autism or that all autistic individuals have severe intellectual disabilities. I will provide accurate information to dispel these myths and help the audience better understand the realities of autism.

Autistic people are more likely to develop mental health problems like depression, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). So, I will highlight the importance of mental health in the autism community and explore the challenges faced by autistic individuals in education and employment. It is important to provide support and resources to help autistic individuals manage their mental health.

I will also discuss how common the occurrence of other medical conditions, such as epilepsy, gastrointestinal issues, and sleep disorders, is among individuals with autism and why it’s important to address them for overall health management. 

Specifically, I will discuss how autistic culture can help to promote a greater understanding of the strengths and challenges of autistic individuals and how it can be used to develop more effective strategies for supporting autistic individuals in education and other settings.

Finally, I will share the latest research findings in the field of autism and encourage the development of new strategies and approaches for supporting autistic individuals. Understanding and spreading accurate information on this topic is crucial for public health and the overall well-being of society.

I will conclude the speech by urging people to actively contribute to the creation of a world that is more accepting and supportive of all individuals, irrespective of their neurotype.

The objectives of this speech are;

1. To promote greater awareness and understanding of autism among the general public.2. To encourage the development of new strategies and approaches for supporting autistic individuals.3. To foster collaboration and networking among researchers, educators, and advocates in the field of autism.4. To inspire and motivate attendees to take action to support the autism community.

My personal experiences with autism have given me a unique perspective on the topic and allowed me to connect with the audience on a deeper level, which helps to make my speech engaging. My speaking engagements at Momondays Toronto, Autism York, multiple Rotary Clubs, and the esteemed 2023 PA Lifesharing Conference have established me as a sought-after authority in the autism field.

I am confident that my speech will be well-received by the audience and will contribute to the success of the conference. I am excited to share my knowledge with the audience.

Thank you for considering my proposal. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best regards, Louis Scarantino






Revitalize Your Gut: Taming Food Sensitivities for Lasting Wellness
Nikki Golly Food Sensitivity Nutritionist

Healthy living is not just a luxury anymore, with the immune system at the forefront of everyone's mind lately, it's a necessity.

Do you know how to eat for your health? What foods do you eat for a healthy immune system and digestive system? What do you stay away from? What are the signs that indicate you might have something going on under the surface?

With so much information out there, nutritionist Nikki Golly will be debunking many health myths, as well as teaching about foundational nutrition for a healthy body. She will be unwrapping and giving solutions for different ailments, as many of them stem from food sensitivities.

In this talk, we will be covering:

  • What ideal digestion looks like
  • The most common food sensitivities
  • What causes IBS to happen in the body
  • Why IBS & Crohn's Disease is happening more commonly
  • How a food sensitivity can show up as Escema or Psoriasis
  • Things you can do to help prevent & calm digestion issues without drugs
  • Foods to focus on that help heal your gut
  • Simple solutions to start healing your gut now
How to convert enemies into friends, turn critics into well-wishers, and find meaning and hope in misfortune!
Sri Rayankula Mr.

Brief Summary:

Right from our childhood, we have grown up to view fellow humans as friends or foes, competitors or collaborators, to Kill or be killed. This thought process has dominated the human race and defeated our inherent desire to seek compassion and become compassionate.

Is there a way to change our worldview? Are you ready for a 180-degree change in how you view your life and the people within it? Join me as I walk you through stories of love and compassion.

I usually conclude by teaching a 7-minute practice of "Loving-Kindness" meditation which anyone can use to find peace within and find the strength to heal and forgive.