Sally Larkin Green
Book publisher, writing coach and children's book author

Sally Green Is the Vice President of Author Development at Action Takers Publishing. She works with writers to help them develop their stories and become bestselling authors. Action Takers Publishing specializes in themed multi-author collaboration books where each person writes a chapter and becomes part of a community of like-minded authors. In addition to collaboration books, they also published solo books

In the spring of 2020, Sally realized that she was really good at taking care of everyone else, but really bad at taking care of herself. So, she embarked on a journey of self-care that began with investing in herself and contributing to a multi-author book. Sally is an inspirational speaker, multiple times International Bestselling Author, and has written 2 children's books.




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Writing as a Path to Personal Transformation

Discover how the simple act of writing can serve as a powerful tool for healing and personal growth. In her talk, Sally will discuss the benefits of writing, demonstrating how it can help individuals process emotions, overcome challenges, and find clarity in the chaos of everyday life. 

Book writing Mental Health
Self-Care is Not Selfish: Building a Rockstar Routine for Wellbeing

In "Self-Care is Not Selfish: Building a Rockstar Routine for Wellbeing," Sally Green shares her expert insights on why prioritizing self-care is essential for everyone, especially women who juggle multiple roles in their daily lives. In this engaging talk, Sally emphasizes the importance of incorporating self-care into one's routine without guilt. She outlines practical strategies for developing a holistic self-care regimen that includes physical, mental, and emotional wellness practices. Attendees will discover how to create a balanced lifestyle that supports personal and professional growth.

Business Media +1
Abundance Authorship +10
How to Elevate Your Presence with a Book

Explore the transformative power of becoming an author. This talk is designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives who want to amplify their brand and establish themselves as leaders and experts. Sally shares insights into the process of writing and publishing a book that encapsulates your unique expertise and vision. Attendees will learn how a well-crafted book serves not only as a credibility booster but also as a marketing tool that can open doors to new opportunities such as speaking engagements, workshops, and media appearances.

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