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Erase obstacles, unlock happiness, and reclaim your life

I'm Sally Reid a Quantum Alignment Coach, your go-to person for tackling seemingly impossible problems. Thanks to two near-death experiences, I've got an enhanced connection to the universe, allowing me to transform lives by tweaking those pesky energetic patterns that are in the way of what you want. Over the past 12 years, I've been the go-to for folks who've tried everything but know there's a solution somewhere. I help private clients shift autoimmune issues, business challenges, and emotional hiccups at lightning speed. Ready for a change? Let's make those changes happen together—because transforming lives is my thing!



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How to Stop Holding Yourself Back from What You Want

Calling all entrepreneurs who know they have untapped potential but find themselves trapped in self-imposed limitations! 

Whether you're grappling with analysis paralysis, struggling with a negative mindset, or feeling overwhelmed by the journey ahead, you will learn specific tools you can use right now to help you feel relaxed and ready for what's next.

By the end of this speech, you'll not only recognize the barriers that have been limiting your entrepreneurial journey but also walk away with actionable techniques to overcome them. It's time to break free from self-limitations and unleash the full scope of your entrepreneurial potential.

Energy Healing Mindset Coaching


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