Rowena Winkler
Rowena Winkler
Cosmic Catalyst Coach & Realignment Strategist
Ph.D. in Communication, University of Maryland, College Park
Dr. Rowena Winkler obtained her Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2013. Her research explored the use of digital media and technology for activism, social justice, and student engagement purposes. 

As an award-winning teacher and scholar, Rowena presented at international conferences and mentored hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students. Her father’s passing from cancer in October 2013, coupled with her disenchantment with the academic space, prompted Rowena to reevaluate how she was living her life — leading her to leave her tenure-track position behind to prioritize her health and family. 

Now in her second position in the marketing world, Rowena’s career pivot from academia to industry gave her the space to pursue other passions and interests. It was during this time that she discovered a love for astrology, tarot, meditation, crystal healing, and wellness, and realized her empathic abilities could be used as a means for helping others. 

When a friend casually mentioned that her expertise as a teacher, writer, and astrologer could be used for coaching purposes, Rowena took a mental note and tucked the idea in the back of her mind. After witnessing incessant signs from the universe and motivated by the birth of her daughter Kerrigan Leigh, Rowena decided to step into her own divine essence. Now fully embracing her multi-faceted gifts and talents, Dr. Winkler has launched her entrepreneurial journey as a Cosmic Catalyst Coach and Realignment Strategist, where she uses spiritual modalities and artistic expression to help women activate their soul purpose. 


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How My IVF Journey Led Me to My Soul Purpose
Attendees will discover how my infertility journey and pandemic parenting...
  • Helped me surrender perfectionism.
  • Come face-to-face with inner child work.
  • Led me to my entrepreneurial journey and soul purpose.

Business Family & Parenting +1
Entrepreneurship In-Vitro Fertilization +5


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