Paula Skaper
Business Growth Architect
WSA (Women Speakers Assocation Professional Member); CIMBS (Certified Internet Marketing and Business Strategist)
…outstanding speaker. Paula’s presentation on the power of email marketing was perfectly tailored to our audience…
Elliot Choi, Techvibes
A digital native, I believe in leading with strategy not tactics. I’m immune to bright shiny objects and obsessed with the only KPI that matters – the bottom line. As a business growth architect, I combine extensive digital expertise with strong social selling skills and decades of boardroom experience. I’ve been accused of being a geek. And something of a math nerd. I’m ok with that. I've never been accused of being boring.

As a speaker, I inspire businesses audiences to finally take control of their marketing and sales funnels and empower them to manage their team and suppliers with confidence.
…our members were thrilled with Paula’s presentation. Without a doubt, one of the best speakers we’ve had!
Wired Women, Vancouver Chapter

I am also an: 
… Entrepreneur I am the founder and president of Vancouver digital marketing agency Kinetix Media Communications, and the co-founder of marketing video production studio NakedLens Productions.

… Digital Strategist I have helped literally hundreds of clients through their digital transformation journey. I have consulted for businesses of all sizes, including familiar brands like Intrawest Real Estate, Best Buy Canada, the Pacific National Exhibition, and Destination British Columbia.

… Teacher As an instructor with the e-Commerce program at BCIT, I helped launch their digital marketing certifications.

Fun Facts About Me
  • I’m Irish by birth and still call Ireland “home” even though I’ve been a Canadian citizen for 4+ decades.
  • I met my husband while working as a live television host. I loved the storytelling aspect of being on TV, hated the hours.
  • I’m a mom to two amazing young adults and have been happily married for more than a quarter century.
  • I don’t like tomatoes. I do love coffee... and chocolate.


These are example talks for Paula Skaper

CASL 101: Your Business And Canada's Spam Law
Canada’s spam law places significant restrictions on your right to reach out to the people who might buy from you, and the penalties for getting it wrong are huge. CASL changes the game for marketers, sales professionals and business owners. Learn what your business needs to do to protect yourself from stiff penalties and legal action.

Put More Profit in Your Pocket with Growth Architecture
Would you sleep better at night, knowing your ideal customers are lining up to work with you?
In this powerful presentation, you will learn how to put the transformational impact of Growth Architecture to work in your business, so that you can:
  • Generate as much as 208% more revenue from your existing marketing efforts!
  • Close more sales opportunities - up to 38% more.
  • Watch your revenue (and your profit) grow up to 24% faster.
Business Leadership +2
Business Business Consulting +7


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