The Great Experiment Summit
The Great Experiment Summit
Created 2 years 3 months ago
Organizer Michael Whitehouse
The Great Experiment Summit
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Registration ends: Mon, Apr 4, 2022 10:00 PM (2 years 1 month ago)


Business is a Great Experiment. Live is a Great Experiment. This event is a Great Experiment!


Purpose of The Great Experiment

The purpose of this event is to take a variety of tools and tactics for events and put into practice.


The Audience

As an event, the content/audience focus is entrepreneurs who are embracing the Great Experiment, whether it's a new business, a prospective business, or an established and evolving business.


Your Speaker Experience

What this means for you as a speaker is that I open for anything. This event is not optimized of opt-ins or sales or any particular agenda other than putting the tech through its paces and having a good experience. If there's something you want to do, then I'll probably say “sure, why not?” Just don't be pitchy. Pitching okay. Infomercial, less so. :)


Event Style

The event will be a live, Zoom-based event running a full day.

We're aiming for engagement. We want an event where people feel they are part of something, not where they feel like they are watching a YouTube video.

This means that we'll have interactive activities. It means we encourage interactive presentations.

It also means that we encourage speakers to be there for as much of the event as possible because you'll be making some connections while you're there.



Speakers are expected to promote, and you will get a 50% commission on all VIP upgrades sold.

Full disclosure, this could be where the experiment part becomes relevant. All efforts will be made to track VIPs to the referrers. It is possible that we'll goof this up. This is why experiments are so exciting!


The top three promoters (by total opt-ins) will be promoted to the entire list of attendees, whatever you would like to share (within reason).

Hitting The Books - 4 Tips to Level Up Your Business
Beth Blaney CEO

This will be a combo of my 10 tips for entrepreneurs and a little bit what you need to know about bookkeeping. In a non-accounting-y way. ;-) 

Entrepreneurship Bookkeeping +1
Tickle Their Funny Bone: Use Humor to Leverage Your Business
Bonita Joy Yoder Funny is Money

During this presentation you will: 

  1. discover myths of using humor in your business
  2. learn the benefits of humor in business and
  3. explore  some practical tips for using humor in business

By embracing humor in your business, you can experience: 
Increased conversion of leads and higher revenues. It has been said that “Funny is money”. If you engage your prospects more whether in person or on Facebook, more of your leads convert to sales. Sales results in greater revenue for the company.

Building relationships: Laughter helps bond with your prospect, customer, employee and others in business relationships. People do business with those they know, like and trust. Humor helps accomplish all three.

Increasing the retention of the listeners: audiences listen more to presentations, videos and online video courses that include humor. Better listening leads to better retention of the material.

Keeping audiences awake and engaged in meetings and presentations: audiences tend to tune out. Watching a “skateboarding cat” on a phone can be more engaging than a dry, boring speaker. Humor helps keep the listeners engaged.

A culture of humor leads to happier employees: Face it, employee retention is a big concern among businesses. A fun workplace leads to happier employees, less employee turnover and less downtime.

Education Entertainment & Art +1
Fun Speaking
Attract the Best and Release The Rest: Laser Targeted Lead Generation with Quiz Funnels
Catharine O'Leary Founder

Stop throwing time and money into marketing engagements that are not engaging! Harness the power and motivation of quizzes that convert. Attract your ideal clients and take them on the journey from problem to solution with a simple yet powerful quiz that will inform, educate and build trust. These 5 quiz strategies will help you build your killer quiz for 2022 and beyond. 

The Secret to Growing Your Business and Brand Simultaneously
Christopher R Salem CEO - Business Executive Coach

The difference between a great to an extraordinary business is the ability to relate and understand your audience as a trusted source based on similar core values.  The truth to creating an extraordinary experience and enhancing a sustainable platform for higher retention of customers comes down to not "what you do" but "why you do what you do" from core values.  It's what is compelling to them and not what makes your business and brand unique. People relate to others based upon similar values.  They are more likely to be engaged doing their part and inspire others to do more in their industry through being the example. This exemplifies the role of a Trusted Source in your space and leads to a more sustainable connection with your audience. 

So how do you build this level of influence and what is the complete process to become a trusted source in your business? Come learn the types of content, platforms, communication style, and more as to what will make your business more compelling to your attendees for higher retention and sustainable growth.

Key Takeaways:

Attendees will be able to implement a process to retain current attendees and attract more people to their events based on similar values.

Attendees will know to be more compelling and influential to others as an authority in their segment.

Attendees will learn how to create a value statement that can be part of any marketing or service strategy that will lead to more referrals and higher retention with attendees

Business Financial services +9
Advertising Client Attraction +21
Defeat Shiny Object Syndrome
Consuela Muñoz Founder & CEO, Own Your Confidence

If you have ever taken a course you didn’t finish or have a pile of unused domains, you may be like many entrepreneurs and creatives who suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome. Your mind is like an idea machine, and when you combine that with high impulsivity, initiation, and motivation it can quickly lead to lack of focus. We will explore how idea chasers can save money, time and effort while achieving their goals. Put a damper on FOMO, empty your mind of idea clutter, and channel your initiative to realize greater productivity and profits. You will be able to make the impact you really want.

Business Leadership
Behaviors Goal Setting
Light Up Your Desires: Building Wealth with Purpose
Hannah Chapman, CFP, APMA, CRPC Founder and Wealth Advisor

Interactive presentation guiding participants through the process of identifying their desires so they can build their businesses and their wealth with purpose.

Business Financial services
Prosperity Abundance +7
Handling Objections Like a Pro
Joe Marcoux Founder of the SOS Dojo

Imagine an easy 2-step blueprint to effectively handle any objection and grow your sales.

If this existed and was proven, would you give it a try?

The blueprint is simple, there's more than meets the eye.

What's the secret sauce to handling objections like a pro?

Be at this presentation to find out.

Jumpstart Yourself as an Author to Grow Your Business
Katrina Sawa Int'l Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and CEO of and

Why should you tell your story or write your expertise down in a printed book? Being an author could  be the #1 thing that sets you apart from your competitors in your marketplace or industry. It can also bring you more clients from those who read your book and get to know you better. Being an author can also help you grow your business by opening doors for more speaking gigs and referrals.


The problem is that many people who start out on a journey to write their first book, have no real plan on how the book will help them in their business, much less how to market the book. There are also many different types of books one could write, some that are easier to do than others. What you don't want to do is Overthink It! Whether you’re comfortable writing or not, it’s time to learn how to finally become a published author and achieve that next level of credibility or celebrity status in your industry. This presentation will share the dos, don’ts, pros and cons, and tips for before and after publishing so you’re more educated when you implement this strategy.


Come to this presentation and learn:

  • 7 different types of books you could write quickly and easily
  • The pros and cons on all the ways you could publish and print your book
  • The things you MUST HAVE in place in order to actually get clients from your book
  • Tips for writing and marketing your book, before, during and after the publishing process
Business Marketing +2
Marketing Business +12
Triple Play! There Are Only 3 Ways To Grow Sales In 2022
Mike Savage Entrepreneur Coach & Entertainer

Yup, I am serious. There are only 3 ways to grow your business. I have used this
strategy in my companies and helped hundreds of my clients do the same. I first
learned of this concept more than 10 years ago from business guru Jay Abraham
when I was attending a Tony Robbins event. It still boggles my mind how many
entrepreneurs slug it out the hard way and bang their heads against the wall when
trying to drive revenue. At the event, I will dig deep into the following:

This is the most overlooked and easiest way to grow sales!
Ask this one question to add an insane # of new customers!
Most entrepreneurs make this mistake, over and over, and lose customers, market share, and their sanity

At the event I will be giving away my latest eBook, TRIPLE PLAY, There Are Only 3
Ways To Grow Your Business. I have shared these concepts with entrepreneurs all
over the world and I know it will help keep you on track, focused, and fired up. If
you want to position your team and your business to really WIN BIG in 2022, don’t
miss this workshop.

Erasing Limiting Beliefs to Create Your Quantum Shift
Nicole Majik The Empowerment Alchemist

Do you find yourself in a never ending loop of self sabotage?  Did you know that 87% of what we think and say is negative, greater than 95% of what we do is subconscious and the subconscious is 1000 times more powerful than the conscious…the perfect trap for self sabotaging behavior ... 

If you feel like a hamster in life's wheel of disappointment and feel like every effort to move forward only pushes you back, then it may be time to explore WHY this keeps happening and discover HOW to eradicate the beliefs that are sabotaging your goal achievement. 

Imagine a life in which you cannot feel any fear whatsoever. There is nothing to stop you from achieving the life you deserve without compromising who you are or what you love. 


Your personal transformational journey starts now with this invaluable and insightful talk designed to pave the way for your quantum shift to stepping into your fearlessly authentic self by eliminating FOREVER the self sabotaging beliefs that are currently derailing you. 


If you are not attracting your ideal clients, spending too much time in your business without feeling rewarded, feel overwhelmed and just want to give up, it is time to magnetize your desires by creating a personalized road map for successful growth while turning your inner critic into a cheerleader. 



  • What limiting beliefs are and where they come from
  • How to identify your limiting beliefs
  • How to erase them permanently from your life

Nicole will take a lucky volunteer through the process of shifting a negative emotion into a resourceful, positive emotion which creates a new self propelling behavior during her presentation…will it be YOU? 

Business Health & Well-being +2
Mindset Abundance +2
Shape your Unique Identity as an Entrepreneur
Nikki Green Founder

Many people today are pivoting their careers. They were once one thing that they aspired to, they studied hard for, and they worked hard to become.  And now, they want to become something different.


But what is that different thing?  Becoming an entrepreneur is not as simple as changing jobs.  You have to reinvent yourself.  You have to retrain yourself.  You have to create a new self-image.


In this talk, attendees will learn how to create a new self-image that aligns with their new entrepreneur's life.  They will learn how to not just think about the new business they want to create, but to believe in the new person they are becoming.  Attendees will step into the power of the next evolution of themselves and become an entrepreneur inside and out.

Business Mindset
Entrepreneurship Self-confidence +1
How to Trade Complicated Sales Funnels for the Ease of Client Flow
Paula Skaper Business Growth Architect

Did you know that 60% of your marketing is literally turning away your best customers?

In this powerful session, you will uncover how your best customers choose whether to buy from you (or someone else) and how to connect powerfully with clients exactly where they are along their path to purchase, instantly building the trust & authority that has them lining up to work with you.

Are you ready to unlock a consistent flow of clients (and money) into your business? Don't miss this session!

The 4 Currencies of LIfe
Robert Raymond Riopel Authority Key Creator

Currency in life and business come in more than one format. Do you know what they are? If not, that is why you struggle with attaining success or keep it once it does come. Robert will describe what each currency is and give actionable steps on how to better live your life by design in each of them.

Sit Less So You Can Do More
Stefan Zavalin Founder

A presentation on the difference of doing more versus doing less and how movement can improve our output as entrepreneurs. We will cover no less than 3 ways you can start to implement this idea into your workflow to improve your productivity, health, and longevity. 

Forget Your Bliss - Follow Your Fear!
Sue Wilhite "Be the Vibration" Speaker

“We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.” - Seneca the Younger 

Do you find yourself hesitating and dithering with big decisions? Especially those that would be letting your purpose, your passion, or your voice into the world?

You will learn: • The difference between FEAR and fear. • Why and how fear can be your guide. • Using your natural curiosity to break through barriers.

Business Mindset
Business Productivity +3
Unlocking your Money DNA
daniel mangena CEO

If you’ve tried various money-making systems, processes or modalities but none of them seem to stick, there is actually a very simple reason. There’s nothing wrong with you! Not every system will be a fit for you. Instead of trying to force it, what if you knew how to identify, upfront, the ones that are?


We all have, encoded within us, an inner and innate power to create wealth that I call your “Money DNA.” Just like how your hair, eyes, teeth all knew how to grow, you also have abilities that similarly feel effortless yet purposeful. When aligned with the right strategies we expedite our progress because we tap into our maximum power, while avoiding wasting time on what doesn’t work. In this “Unlocking Your Money DNA” talk we’re going to cover: