Women Building Wealth Together
Women Building Wealth Together
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Women Building Wealth Together
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Speakers, Authors, Coaches & Entrepreneurs:
You Belong On This Stage!


YOU matter. YOU have a message to convey. YOU have a future to push forward. Let's work together to transform the lives of women globally!

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It is more essential than ever that women understand the TRUE foundations of wealth management, entrepreneurship, and land ownership so that we can build Generational INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM!


Day 1: Get Past The Past - Shatter Limiting Beliefs to Accelerate Success

Day 2: Get Equipped - Step-by-Step Strategies to Unlock Success

Day 3: Get Connected – Build Your Million-Dollar Network


Speaker Training Includes:

Speaker Training from Sales Team Guru

How to Create A Lead Magnet in Under 10 Minutes

7 Deadly Zoom Sins

Simple Ways to Record With High Quality Using Simple Tools You Probably Already Have

Monetize and Grow Your Business With a Podcast Even If You Have A Small Audience

3 Keys to Feel Comfortable Charging What You're Worth

Dr. Cheryl Wood Training: Leveraging Your Voice for Exponential Impact & Profits

Lose weight without dieting, gain confidence and kick butt in business!
Amy Tsai Health & Fitness for Women Over 40 Expert

There is a correlation between being happy with your body and success in business.

Being happy for so many women means getting to their ideal body weight.  

I’ll share 3 reasons why diets don’t work and how it’s impacting women’s self confidence, self-esteem and the success in their business.  

I share 3 simple rituals help with:

  1. weight-loss
  2. develop a healthy relationship with self
  3. develop healthy relationship with food

These tools has nothing to do with calorie counting, cutting out food groups or killing yourself with exercise.  

I share how to be happier in the body you have, eat without guilt and shame and enjoy your physical activity and still lose weight.  

When you are happier in your body, weight-loss is easier, builds self-esteem and self-confidence to kick butt in business! 






Health & Well-being
Your Story is your Secret Sauce for Success
Chantel Henry Girl, Share Your Story!
  • Your story is your USP - Unique Serving Proposition
  • Your story is your money magnet
  • Your story is your gift to the world
3 Mistakes That Keep You Stuck Below Your Income Potential
Dagmar Fleming Founder

If you suffer from a lack of sales … if you struggle with inconsistent revenue … if you’re fighting too hard to get new customers … if you feel like you’re not making the money you want and deserve … then this talk is just for you! Here’s why…

Dagmar will show you how to beat three potential success saboteurs that keep you stuck below your revenue potential. You'll leave fired-up, focused, and equipped with: 


  • Easy strategies necessary to rocket your business forward and achieve levels you’ve never hit before.
  • The #1 most overlooked TOOL FOR SUCCESS (Every accomplished leader uses this one)
  • Ability to identify and dissolve (once and for all) limiting MONEY BELIEFS and deep emotional reasons you may not know you have that are blocking your success (Some fear failure. Some fear success? Which are you? You might be surprised by your own answer…)


Are you ready to create a new powerful money mindset that will change your business and life? 

Business Mindset
Client Attraction Abundance +6
Overcome Your Money Blocks
Gaia Girus-Nowoczyn Empowerment coach

There is a part of you that does not want to have more money. And this part is stronger than anything else, leading to procrastination, people-pleasing, or fears and anxiety.

This limitation to how much money you can have is like a glass ceiling and you can’t break through it. Despite all your plans and efforts, despite all law of attraction affirmations that you might be repeating, the money never arrives.

And if by any chance you do receive more – if you win the lottery or inherit money – something will happen and the money will dissipate again.

Maybe your car will break down and you are left with a huge repair bill or you even need a new one.

Maybe suddenly there are huge dentist bills to pay

Or as we often see with lottery winners, maybe you just spend it mindlessly on stuff, you just buy everything you ever wanted to buy, and after a while, it’s gone.

The reason for this lies deep down in your subconscious mind and its roots go back into your early childhood. However, there is a process to uncover what your personal money blocks are and what to do to overcome them. 

Business Health & Well-being +2
Mindset Abundance +13
How to Trade Complicated Sales Funnels for the Ease of Client Flow
Paula Skaper Business Growth Architect

Did you know that 60% of your marketing is literally turning away your best customers?

In this powerful session, you will uncover how your best customers choose whether to buy from you (or someone else) and how to connect powerfully with clients exactly where they are along their path to purchase, instantly building the trust & authority that has them lining up to work with you.

Are you ready to unlock a consistent flow of clients (and money) into your business? Don't miss this session!