Patricia Stepler
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Live Bigger with Your Inside Magic
LOA, Proctor Gallagher Certified Consultant, B.S and M.S ED

Patricia Stepler is the only Mindset Productivity Coach who utilizes an innovative, proven 3-step system for business leaders around the world who want to accomplish their dreams and live the lifestyle they choose, at a time when most leaders allow the world to dictate what they can accomplish, so that leaders have more time and money freedom.  

Patricia enables participants to discover the “magical” powers that they possess inside their own minds so that they accomplish more in a year then they ever thought possible.  By building new habitual thought patterns individuals, teams and even companies shift from where they currently are to where they REALLY want to be by learning how to get onto the frequency of the goal desired.

Patricia incorporates her vast amount of knowledge and experience from working with personalities with DiSC, building strong leadership teams, dealing with cultural change where she personally experienced leading a team to achieve increased results.  She has presented numerous workshops and trainings in these and various other aspects of management and dealing with employees.

Patricia has an educational background and successful taught in the public school system where she has also developed expertise in dealing with children and ways to parent a child in a way that builds the child to develop self-confidence.   

Patricia has studied human potential and has been personally mentored by multiple coaches including Bob Proctor.  She exemplifies understanding in personalities and leadership skills needed to successfully transform businesses, so businesses have can double or triple their business in a year. She is available for speaking in businesses, conferences, or motivational keynotes.  She has a variety of digital programs and does group and individual coaching also.


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