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Visibility and Business Strategist
Award-winning Business Strategist/Amazon Bestselling Author

Nicki Chang-Powless is a speaker, Business Strategist, and with her book “Putting the Pieces Together: Your Survival Guide to the First Five Years in Business” also an Amazon Bestselling Author. Her vision is to help entrepreneurs around the world achieve their greatness and make their impact by uncovering creative ways for them to save time and money, and ultimately, grow in abundance and make more profit!


Nicki has a wealth of business knowledge that originated from spending 23 years in the corporate business world. When she found out her business experience was not common knowledge to the small business community and start-ups, it became her mission to make their journey easier. Today, her passion is to share her knowledge with business owners so they can achieve success faster. 


Nicki loves sharing her practical tips with international audiences so they can gain more clarity and knowledge in business. 


“Nicki Chang Powless is an amazing speaker. She delivers in many ways as her experience and clarity are endless. I have had Nicki on my stage many times and would have her back without questions. She delivers a message that everyone can understand. She shows up on time, follows the rules and contributes to helping the other speakers with their presentations. Nicki Chang Powless knows what she is doing and has proven her ability at every engagement I have witnessed.” Dorothy Briggs, Founder, Womanition,




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Create Your Profitable Marketing Machine!
Many business owners struggle to get results with marketing and how to attract people to their business. Nicki Chang-Powless will show you the challenges and how to avoid some common mistakes.

"I recently had the pleasure of attending an event where Nicki spoke about marketing. She had clear mastery of the topic and I learned things I'd never heard before - which is saying something considering I've spent a lot of time in the marketing world!" - Alex Cappe, Creative Self Revolution 
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