Celebrating Authors Series: Brand Messaging & Positioning
Celebrating Authors Series: Brand Messaging & Positioning
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Organizer Marilyn McLeod
Celebrating Authors Series: Brand Messaging & Positioning
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Can You Help Authors With Their Positioning?

Branding, messaging, positioning … so important when an author chooses their topic and writes their book for their chosen audience.

What is your unique approach to success in this arena?

We'd love to hear your stories … what you've tried, and what's worked best for you.

What's in it for you?

Let us know in your application what benefit you'd like as a result of your presentation. Some ideas:

  • If you've written books that lead to your services, you'll be able to share your opt in page link to your lead magnet.
  • If you're looking for a support group of authors or others to help you, this is a great way to introduce yourself to potential members of your support group.
  • You'll receive a link to a recording of your presentation so you can use it as a way to introduce yourself to future collaborators and clients.
  • Depending on your presentation and how it fits into Marilyn's future plans, you may be invited to participate in subsequent programs and opportunities.
Know Your Audience, Know Your Book
Helen Chang Chief Storyteller

Whether you already have a brand or not, your book can inspire your ideal audience, while building your credibility, revenue and influence. Discover how to write for your ideal audience, so they feel powerfully connected and want to engage you.

In this dynamic presentation, Helen Chang, bestselling ghostwriter, entrepreneur and speaker, breaks down the key elements to translating your brand into a compelling non-fiction book. The three key elements comprise: 1. Your Audience’s Why (Avatar) 2. Your Why (Author Brand) 3. The Next Why (Brand Promise).


Selling Your Sizzle
Jeff Pizzino, APR Chief Authentic Officer


How to Reverse Engineer Your Book
Latara Dragoo Digital Marketing Strategist/Consultant

Becoming a Published Author can create authority, credibility and visibility.

Despite this fact, Professional Writers make up only 0.03% of the population!

I will show you how to reverse engineer your book, to make the process easier for you, increase your probability of becoming a published author, and actually use your book to effectively create success in your business.



Create a Powerful Marketing Message to Sell More Books!
Nicki Chang-Powless Client Attraction Specialist

Many authors struggle with getting people to buy their books. They're not sure what they are doing wrong and what to change. With so many books out there, they are baffled at how to stand out!

These are common challenges for authors.

In this talk, Nicki will share:

  • The 3 steps to create a powerful marketing message
  • The mistakes to avoid with your marketing and how to get a better return on your marketing investment
  • The secret to attracting more people to buy your books
Business Leadership +2
Marketing Advertising +16
9 Keys of Synchronicity
Philip Merry Dr

A thought leader in synchronicity Philip has a PhD in synchronicity and leadership and his book 9 Keys of Synchronicity. Philip has 43 years experience of delivering team and leadership and cross cultural events in 63 countries, and has been for 25 years regional representative for Belbin Team Roles and has accredited over 200 team coach/facilitators. Philip is a senior UN consultant, CSP and Global Speaking Fellow. British by birth Philip has lived and worked globally from Singapore for the last 33 years.