Martha Alexander
Martha Alexander
Martha Davis Alexander, JD, CFLC, Coach to Now-Adult Children of Divorce
1968-now Daily Training in dealing with the aftermath of divorce 1983 BS Political Science, CSU Fresno 1988 Juris Doctorate, University of San Diego, School of Law 1989 Licensed to Practice Law in the State of California 2018 Certified Mediator 2021 Certified Fearless Living Coach (CFLC)
 Martha is an attorney and a certified fearless living coach.  She spent 50 years figuring out how to leave her parents’ divorce to my them and not carry around the guilt, anger, and trepidation that remained from their divorce. Now, She helps individuals of divorced parents of all ages break free of the emotional remnants and constraints of their parents’ divorce.    Martha has dedicated her adult life to “fixing” divorce.   First, she went to law school and spent decades practicing family law in an effort to stop the emotional backlash from the divorce from impacting generations.   She has spent years developing tools and skills to help make sure that kids of divorced parents can have all the joy and support of a family, without the divorce fallout.   She wants individuals of divorced parents to be able to truly and joyfully  celebrate holidays, birthdays, and all of their life achievements without a thought to their parents’ divorce. 


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5 Signs your Parents' Divorce is Still Impacting Your Life
A contentious divorce can impact the children for decades.  As Adults, children of divorce often experience trust issues in relationships; identity crisis; the chameleon effect; lack communication skills; and tend to avoid and/or be very anxious about celebrating holidays, and special occasions in their lives.  Moreover, these tendencies are passed down to the next generation and the next.  Becoming aware of the impact of your parents' divorce is the first step to finding the solutions and breaking free!
Family & Parenting Health & Well-being +1
Communication Decision-Making +7


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