Marc Haine
Marc Haine he/him/his
Customer Experience Expert (Experience Designer)
CDS Facilitator, Certified Virtual Presenter

With his roots firmly set in 35 years of hospitality, this actor, author and podcaster, understands that the minute a guest (customer, client, patient, audience, prospect, even employee) comes into contact with your brand, IT’S SHOWTIME! From their initial contact, your values,  goals, and mission is reflected in everything you do, and more importantly, in everything they see, experience, and feel.

Marc is a service expert and master of experiences, driving operational excellence by daring people to cultivate a generous attitude and lead with love and kindness first.

As a teacher, trainer, speaker and facilitator, Marc’s core values of humour, humility, staying uncomfortable, and being of service grounds him to connect with audiences and service providers alike. In his career, he’s been there, he’s done that, and like your staff, he’s bought the t-shirt!

Whether coaxing empathy from new leaders within your organization or helping long-term service providers seek out their purpose, Marc’s authentic, light-heartedness and sense of humour shows people how they can care and lead while growing as individuals and professionals.


Host of the Experience Leadership and the YouTube show, Marc Haine Live, Marc is the author of LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! Business Operational Excellence Through the Lens of Live Theatre, uncovering the similarities of putting on a live production and running a stellar business.



These are example talks for Marc Haine

Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Customers' (and employees') Experience Journey
How to recognize, reward, and support various levels of engagement within your organization
The odds are, right now, your business reflects a recent Canada Human Resource Centre statistic: only 25% of your workers are truly engaged, while 60% are not engaged, and 15% are actively disengaged. And yet, who’s serving your customer?

You’ve done employee satisfaction surveys and have incentive programs in place. You’ve even done wage reviews, and while the programs work for a little while, you’re back fighting the same old battles time after time.

In this program, Marc will outline and help you understand the six levels of engagement in any organization. We will uncover the root causes and drivers to the various levels of engagement, defining relative needs at each level… then we will know how to be of service to your team. You’ll be well on your way to tipping the level of engagement in your favour, and to the benefit of your customers.
Business Leadership
Delivering On Experience Expectation
With every transaction, encounter and situation, we have an expectation as to what will happen, what we’ll get, and how we will feel.

In this lively presentation Service Expert and Master of Experiences, Marc Haine, will pull back the covers on how we set our expectations. He will reveal how we as businesses, non-profit organizations and member-based associations, need to understand, adapt and cater to the needs of those we serve, so that we can attract engage and retain our loyal ambassadors.
Business Entertainment & Art +6
Business Client Attraction +5


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