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Love Mojo Coach

Heart-based entrepreneurs and business leaders hire Lotus to rejuvenate their love mojo because they are tired of unfulfilled love life and their passion for intimacy and romance have faded. As the consequences, their businesses become stagnant and life is a dull affair.

Lotus help them train the mind, unlock the heart, heal the body and reintegrate heart-mind-body-soul as a whole, so they can step into their power with joy and confidence, thrive in their businesses and make bigger impact on the world.

Lotus Nguyen is a Certified Entrepreneur Mentor, Mindfulness Trainer, Love Coach, Tantric & Energy Healer, and Qigong Instructor.

Over the past 13 years, Lotus has helped hundreds of men and women heal and flourish so they can become the more empowered versions of themselves and live their dreamed lives.

Lotus would be happy to be on your stage and platform to speak about a varieties of topics on health & wellness (embodiment, emotional release, self-healing, mindset, etc.), relationships (love, intimacy & sexuality, authentic connection, etc.), personal and spiritual development and more.



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The Ultimate Key To Happiness
Discover the secret to create the relationship your heart desires and live the life dream of

Are you frustrated for not achieving what you want? 
Are you longing for the relationship your heart desires? 

Isn’t it time to discover:
  • The main source of your problems so you can deal with them at the root causes?
  • The ultimate key to unlocking your greatest potential for vitality, success and prosperity?
  • The opportunity to take action so you can step into your power to create the relationship you deserve?
Health & Well-being Mindset +1
Abundance Digestive Health +17


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