Lesley Nase
Lesley Nase
Business Pet People hire me to reveal the Law of Pet Action
'Books, Yarns & Tails' TV Show Written Wisdom, Inspired Stories & Animals and Nature who share our lives. Intuitive Shamanic Healing Practitioner, End-of Life Support doula, Animal Communicator, Psychic Medium, and Quantum Energy student 'Books, Yarns, & Tails' TV show on Win Win Women TV network Author of 'Who Paint the World' children's book I am Lesley Nase, Creator and CEO of ‘Intuitive Animal Communication and Healing’. I am the host of ‘Books, Yarns & Tails’ on Win Win Women TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Roku. My career started in nature. I ran a wilderness campground in Arlington, VT, always surrounded by animals. From a very young age, I knew I was destined to work with animals. For more than 30 years, pet people have hired me when conventional healing methods failed to answer their questions.

Business Pet People hire me to reveal the Law of Pet Action, because most do not realize their pets have the answers to release the unique blocks, barriers, and doubts. So, I help communicate, authenticate, and collaborate with your pets to unleash your greatest success.  

Bottom-line, little do you know, your pet is telling you exactly what you need to catapult your success.


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