Lesley Nase
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Communication for Business and Life
Communications Expert- TV Show Books, Yarns & Tails

Entrepreneurs, business owners and solopreneurs hire me to get to the CORE of communication because most fail to speak the language of their listener and are missing out on connections, relationships, and resolutions to maximize success. So, I help break down the communication barriers to leverage conversations for collaborations and conversions.
Bottom line, our CORE Communication system quickly turns connections into cash.

People hire me to get to the CORE of their communication and healing issues with themselves and their pets because most fail to understand their connect to self and others for optimum health and inner guidance. So, I help breakdown the communication barriers and clear blockages so that they can tap into their own innate healing abilities through frequency healing, Shamanic healing and animal communication. Bottom line, my whole body healing approach releases old patterns of belief and thought for greater a happier, healthier and more rewarding life.   

Lesley is the host  of ‘Books, Yarns & Tails’ on Win Win Women TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Roku. Her upcoming podcast "The Client Whispers' is in the works.


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