Women's Prosperity Alliance
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Organizer Pamela Heath
Women's Prosperity Alliance
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Introducing the Women’s Prosperity Alliance

The First Strategic Alliance/Joint Venture Network Developed Exclusively for Women

All these women want to grow together because they know it’s more effective than going out on their own. They want to share their expertise, their contacts, their resources, and their inspiration.

  • Some are already successful, but still remember their struggles. These women want to give back.
  • Some are in the middle of building their business but know that there are others who have solved the issues they’re encountering. These women want support.
  • Others just know from experience that someone has their back and are prepared to have someone else’s. These women want community.

Now you can expand your network, create alliances with other women, and grow your business faster than ever. 

This is the women’s version of the “Old Boys Club'' on steroids, infused with feminine energy and ingenuity. It’s about inclusion, not exclusion. Prosperity for all, not a few. Most importantly, it’s about personal responsibility—both to yourself and the people around you. 

By pooling our knowledge, insights, and resources together, we can move forward as a TEAM instead of alone.

This is an opportunity to grow your business and learn the skills you need while receiving and giving back… 

But it’s NOT just another opportunity to network. It’s unlike any organization you’ve ever tried before…

Because the women involved are givers and they are committed to a WIN-WIN.  

  • The Women’s Prosperity Alliance is the key to being in business FOR YOURSELF but NOT BY YOURSELF.
  • It's a surefire way to meet new POTENTIAL CLIENTS and colleagues.
  • You can stop reinventing the wheel and LEARN FROM OTHERS.
  • You’ll even get your business to PROFITABILITY quicker and easier than you ever thought possible!

I know, these sound like bold claims.

But we’ve used these strategies to grow our businesses and influence for years. We’ve shared these same strategies with countless other women so that they could grow to profitability faster. We know this will work for you, too.

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