Karen Strauss
Karen Strauss
7 Ways to Monetize Your Book
Karen has held various management positions in Publishing. She worked for Bantam Books as Publicist, The Free Press as Marketing Director,Crown Publishing/ Random House as Sales Director and Avon Publishing as Sales Director. She started Strauss Consultants to represent various independent publishers to the largest retailers and wholesalers in the U.S. She saw a need for independent authors to be seen and heard and thats why she founded Hybrid Global Publishing. HGP is a conduit for authors/entrepreneurs to get a professionally published book working with a team of experts as well as customizing a strategic marketing plan to the author's needs.

Karen has held various positions in the Publishing industry for over 35 years. 

She has worked with celebrities such as President Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Stewart, Martha Stewart, George F. Will and Og Mandino. In 2010 Karen founded Hybrid Global Publishing, a firm that works with Entrepreneurs, Speakers, and coaches to help them write, publish, distribute, and promote their books in order to generate unlimited leads, get on more speaking stages, and grow their business by attracting more clients. 

Karen has helped over 500 business owners become successful published authors and has helped 400 authors reach #1 bestselling status.

Her talk on 7 Ways to Monetize Your Book gives great information on how to make the most of the book you have written without having to sell thousands of copies. 



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7 Ways to Monetize Your Book
Selling books is not the most efficient way to make money or reach your financial goals. Some people do it, but for most authors it takes a lot of time to build a big enough following to sell enough books in order to quit your day job.

The good news is that creating a book can help you make money in other ways

My talk is about the 7 key ways you can leverage your book into a profit making machine

Most people ask how many copies of my  book can I sell – A better question is how can I use my book to make more money

If you are an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, or businessperson, writing a book can be a great way to garner attention.  And Attention can equal making more money . 

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