Book It:  How to Write, Publish and Prosper from Your Business Book
Book It: How to Write, Publish and Prosper from Your Business Book
Created 2 years 4 months ago
Organizer Judy Weintraub
Book It:  How to Write, Publish and Prosper from Your Business Book
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Registration ends: Fri, Mar 25, 2022 12:00 PM (2 years 1 month ago)


The “Book It: How to Write, Publish and Prosper with a Business Book” summit is for Business Owners, Lawyers and other Professionals, Consultants, Speakers, Coaches, Doctors, Therapists and other Wellness Practitioners looking to reach more prospects and grow their businesses by publishing a book. 

We’re looking for experts in every aspect of book writing, publishing, promoting and leveraging a book, including such topics as ghostwriting, book coaching, book outlining, story telling, book titles, editing, layout and cover design, book publishing, Amazon optimization, audiobooks, book promotion, PR, book launch campaigns, speaking, converting a book into a digital course, creating high end programs from a book, book funnels and free book campaigns.  The aim is to enable the audience to learn how to write and publish their book, build their authority, generate more leads, land more speaking gigs, create high end programs and more.

Do you…

  • Have a target market of business owners and professionals who want to write and publish a book?
  • Work with business owners or professionals to help them write, publish and/or leverage their books?
  • Have advice, gold-nuggets, or resources that would benefit business authors?
  • Teach something that business authors would really benefit from?

If you hit any of the above, we'd love for you to apply to speak at the summit. 

Why you should speak at the summit:


Reach your ideal prospects

Monetization opportunities (see below)

Invite to a partner-only networking session so you can start JVs and strategic alliances with other providers that serve authors. Date TBD


Here’s how the event works:

  • The Book It Summit is a public event that’s completely free to attend. Because we’re not charging for tickets, we have a limited marketing budget and are looking for partners to share their content and promote the event to their tribe.
  • The event consists of three days of sessions from our partners in Zoom meeting mode.
  • Partners can provide either a live or pre-recorded presentation on a topic that will benefit our audience of business owners and professionals seeking to grow their business by publishing a book.
  • We have space for eighteen 30 minute Speaker sessions (6 per day) - interview or presentation style - at no cost for you. You can offer a free gift to the audience.  Any free gift needs to be offered with a SkillBites affiliate link.
  • We also have space for nine Sponsors (3 per day).  The fee for a Sponsorship is $500.  Sponsors will get top billing on the Summit registration page, greater promotion, a 50 minute keynote speaking slot, their choice of the time slot for their interview or presentation, the opportunity to do a sales pitch to a paid program during their talk and the opportunity to include a gift in the VIP package.  Sponsors need to provide us with an affiliate link to their free and paid offers, and we'll agree on the commission depending on the paid offer.  If interested, please contact Judy ( for more details.    

 To ensure we’re providing as much value as possible, we’re requesting the following from our partners:

  • Please ensure your topic is relevant to the audience and the theme of the event. If you have content that is not relevant to business owners and professionals seeking to publish a business book, please ensure you modify it so that it’s directly relevant.
  • So that we can reach as many people as possible, we are asking all speakers to promote the event to their email and social media followers at least three times each. We’ll provide you with graphics, copy, and a personalized link. Ideal promotional times are:
    • A week before the event starts
    • 2 days before the event starts
    • The day before your talk, promoting your talk to your list
  • Unless you are a sponsor of the summit, please do not promote any paid offers or affiliate links to other products or services.
  • Speakers have a $97 refundable deposit to ensure that all speakers meet the promotional and other requirements, as detailed in the Speaker Agreement, which can be reviewed at

Monetization opportunities

During the event, we’ll be prompting the audience to purchase one or two levels of VIP pass to the event, giving lifetime access to the recordings from the event, as well as access to some VIP gifts.

You can earn from promoting the summit, both through VIP affiliate commission as well as purchases of SkillBites’ products and services.

  • You get 50% affiliate commission on VIP ticket sales (est. $25-$50 commission per sale);
  • You’ll earn a 40% commission on the purchase of SkillBites’ digital courses and a 10% affiliate commission on the purchase of any SkillBites services for 2 months following the summit, from those who sign up using your link (est. $250-$400 commission per sale).

As mentioned above, Sponsors have the opportunity to pitch a paid event or program during their talk and to include a gift in the VIP packages.  If interested, please contact Judy ( for more details.


To get started, click the “Apply” button at the top of the page and fill out your details - we’ll get back to you soon!

6-Figure Success Secrets for Amazon Authors
Chantel Henry Best Kept Secrets for Amazon Authors

This talk is about the BIG SIX success secrets for selling more books, having greater impact as an author on Amazon.

How to outline your book in a flash!
Dan Janal Developmental editor and ghostwriter

You'll never have writer's block if you have a good outline! In this session, you'll learn Dan's proven method to write a book in a flash by creating an outline that helps you and your readers. 

Business Health & Well-being +4
Marketing Media +4
Design Your Book: Inside & Out
Dave Bricker Business Storytelling Expert

Your finished manuscript needs an enticing cover and easy-to-read pages. Discover what makes a book cover pop or flop. Choose a typeface for your text that sets the proper tone and makes readers want to keep turning pages. With these insights, you'll produce a better quality book than the ones produced by big publishers.

Business Design +4
Book Cover Design Publishing Services
The Greatest Decision of All: What Publishing Option is Right for Your Book?
Everett O'Keefe Founder and CEO, Ignite Press

You have worked hard to craft your book. You have rewritten, refined, and retooled your book to make it as strong as possible. But what now? How should you publish your book?

This is the most important question of all. 

No matter how wonderful your book may be, your choice of publishing method will determine the ultimate trajectory and success of your book. The best method for you will depend greatly on what you want your book to accomplish for you.

  • Do you measure success by the royalties you make, the new clients you acquire, or the number of minds you may change?
  • Is a professional product more important to you than creative control?
  • Is it more important that you see your books in bookstores or that you have flexibility over how you sell (or give away) your books?
  • Is it more profitable for you to promote your book or instead to leverage your book in your brand?

These are important questions, and the answers will determine which best publishing method is best for you!

Join publisher and Wall Street Journal and international #1 bestselling author Everett O’Keefe as he addresses the many benefits and pitfalls of traditional, self-, and hybrid publishing. 

In addition to writing his own books, Everett has helped over 100 authors become bestselling authors. 

His experience and perspective will provide you with the clarity you need to see your book published!

Business Leadership +3
Book Marketing Book Publishing
Pre-Book Funnel - How to Get Paid To Write Your Book Without Selling A Single Copy, Building A Book Funnel or Getting A Publisher...
Hawk Mikado The Funnel Gamer, Hawk Mikado

While writing my most recent book we made about $10,000 in sales & commissions from our book without selling our book, having a book funnel, or getting an advance from a publisher.
- I’ll share how we got the idea and why it’s one of the best ways to launch your book.
Not only that, but I'll also show you what types of books this works best for, and the 2 different ways to leverage this strategy.
- And I’ll give you strategies that work whether you’re still writing your book, or even as you’re getting it edited you can.
- How do I know my book will generate $10,000+ (in automated course sales & commissions) for every 1,000 people who read it, not including coaching & mastermind upsells...
- My offer is to download our “Book Funnel Framework Report” - Normally $97, but today you get it for FREE

Business Marketing +4
Book Launches Book Marketing +4
The Art of Getting Booked--EVERYWHERE!
Jackie Lapin Founder of SpeakerTunity, The Speaker & Leader Resource Company and Expert at Helping Leaders Get Booked

The Art of Getting Booked--EVERYWHERE!

You need to get booked for speaking –virtually or in person -- if you want to have impact, get in front of your next client and build your business.


There is no more effective way to land new clients that being a speaker—even if you are just starting out. What are the essentials to flourishing as a speaker, and becoming the go-to expert in your market or niche? 


How do you ramp up getting booked on podcasts, radio, videocasts and virtual summits. 


Jackie Lapin, founder of SpeakerTunity, The Speaker & Leader Resource Company, will reveal them to you! Get the inside track on how to get booked EVERYWHERE! 


  • What do you have to have to get a booker to pay attention and what you on his or her stage?
  • What makes a great speaker one-sheet or a speaker proposal letter?
  • What are the tools you need to get booked for podcasts, radio, and virtual summits?
  • How do you pick which opportunities are right for you and not waste your time on fruitless efforts?
  • And one easy way to find hundreds of bookings in your own market or other markets where you want to have a presence?
Speaker Promotion
From Debt to $Millions with my first book: How I did it
Jay Fiset CEO and Founder of JVology.

During this session, Jay Fiset, author of "Reframe Your Blame," will discuss his motivation for writing the book and his publishing experience.

Education Marketing +1
Publicity Strategies for Getting Your Book Out There
Jill Lublin 4x Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Master Publicity Strategist

Based on her international bestseller, “Guerrilla Publicity”, 4x Best Selling author and publicity expert, Jill Lublin, shares simple strategies and doable tactics- helping you to stand out, get noticed and go from unknown to newsworthy. Whether you're already an author or you want to write a book, Jill will reveal insider secrets that any author must know!!

Dig down into what makes your genre tick! Discover what editors, agents, and audiences want, and learn how to give it to them—all the while staying true to your vision.

1) Understand the real purpose of publicity- To boost your credibility and amplify your visibility. 

2) Uncover your "Oooooo, Ahhhhhh!" factor. Find the Wow! that sets you apart from the crowd. 

3) You are the news! Craft a riveting message that lets others know who you are and what you do.

4) Simplify! Learn how the pros mesmerize the masses by tailoring their message to the level of a five-year-old. 

5) Pass the all-important "Who cares?" test by showcasing your expertise in a way that commands attention. 

Publishing Success Tips
Judy Weintraub CEO

Whether you are just starting on the book writing journey or have completed your manuscript, you should understand what you need to do to get your manuscript published.  In this session, you'll get an overview of the steps to get your book published as well as some key tips for your book to be successful.

Business Client Attraction +4
Publishing Profits: Create a Path to Your Book's Success
Judy Weintraub CEO

Why are you writing (or have written) your book?  

  • Want to generate more leads?
  • Get paid speaking engagements?
  • Build ancillary programs such as a digital course or Mastermind?

Whatever you want your book to do for you, you need to have a plan for how you will use your book to get the results you want, or you just won’t get there.  In this session, you'll obtain the guidance to enable you to identify the exact steps, in the most logical sequence, to take to help you achieve the success that you are seeking from your book  You’ll be more likely to actually complete your book, since you’ll know it will truly be worth it for you, and more likely to achieve the results you desire.

Business Client Attraction +4
Welcome to the summit!
Judy Weintraub CEO

Welcome to the “Book It!” summit. Discover what's coming for these exciting 3 days!

Business Client Attraction +4
7 Ways to Monetize Your Book
Karen Strauss Hybrid Global Publishing

Average book authors don't make a lot of money. … A typical book author barely makes more than minimum wage

There are all kinds of statistics bouncing around out there, but generally speaking, most self-published authors will likely sell around 250 books or less.

Selling books is not the most efficient way to make money or reach your financial goals

If you are an entrepreneur, speaker, or businessperson, writing a book can be a great way to garner attention. And Attention can equal making more money . You are attracting larger and more lucrative opportunities

In this content intense presentation Karen will share 7 strategies for making money by using your book without being concerned about how copies of your book you sell. Learn how to make your book your business. 

Transform Your Book Into an NFT
Marilyn McLeod NFT Business Coach

We're hearing more and more about NFTs … but what are they? And how can they benefit me as an author?

Whether you've already published or you're still thinking about it, tune in to learn more that will help you decide if and when you might decide to turn your book idea into an NFT.

Book Marketing NFT
How to Purpose and Plan Your High-Impact Nonfiction Book
Nancy Erickson Owner The Book Professor and Stonebrook

Nancy Erickson, aka The Book Professor, takes you on a journey to jumpstart your nonfiction book. In this presentation, you will learn the following:

  1. The first and most important step in writing a nonfiction book
  2. How to plan the contents of your book, so you'll never have writer's block
  3. How to repurpose your material for other revenue-producing products
Book Writing Vision +1
Why do I need an editor?
Patricia Weiser Iyer Why do I need an editor?

Developmental editor, ghostwriter, book coach, copy editor, line editor, proofreader - it is enough to make you dizzy. How do you benefit from an editor and which kind do you need? And when? Let's explore your choices and see how the right kind of editor at the right time can make you shine. 

Turn Your $10 Book Into $10,000
Shirlene Reeves, Phd CEO Maximize Your Wealth Now

Woohoo you got your book published!  Now what?  Many of us work years on our book, earn the title of Best Selling Author and then watch the book plummet to the bottom.  You may feel as though no amount of marketing can get it in front of the eyes that so desperately need to read it.  So you may be thinking, now what?  What if you could TURN YOUR $10 BOOK INTO $10,000 THIS YEAR? During my presentation I'll show you how to ADD $100K TO YOUR BOTTOM LINE IN 2022 and it all starts with your book.  My clients say, “This is the best way to get your book noticed, sell your book and make money rain on you.” Are you ready?

How To Write A New York Times Bestseller
Steve Olsher

In 2013, I was able to put my book What Is Your WHAT? Discover The ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born To Do on both the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. How did I do it? I'll share my step-by-step process and break down precisely what we did. 

5 Ways to Crush the Author Affliction
Susan Friedmann Author Marketing Mentor

Are you held back by the “author affliction”? Do you hold yourself back because you worry people might think you’re pretending to know what you’re talking about?

Know you're not alone!

Millions of experts like yourself are held back by their fear of being exposed as a fraud. 

After attending this powerful and dynamic session, you'll leave knowing exactly how to…

  • Quash any fears you have of being exposed as a fraud
  • Master your self-confidence to feel more competent and capable of sharing your valuable expertise
  • Reduce any stress and anxiety you've internalized thinking you're a fraud
  • Silence your internal “naysayers” who often stand in the way of your success
  • Let your negative feelings fade away so you can live up to your true potential

And a whole lot more…

Business Marketing +2
Marketing Book Marketing +4
Consciously Connecting You with Your Community
Susie Schaefer Founder & CEO

Highlights will include cause publishing, how to create nonfiction books that get noticed, connecting with your community, and bringing together your brand message and mission.

Spiritual Growth Personal Growth +14
How To Merge Your Mission w/ Your Marketing (...So That You Motivate The Masses & Build a Massive Movement Behind Your Book!)
TR Garland CVO/ Founder - Change Makers Worldwide™

If you consider yourself a Change Maker, Movement Maker, or even a Mission-Driven Entrepreneur...


You're about to learn how you, too, can BUILD YOUR OWN PURPOSE-DRIVEN PLATFORM OR PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE in a way that provides you with predictable profits - month after month.

[X]--NEVER--[X] = Sacrifice your soul or succumb to the status quo set by society

[X]--NEVER--[X] = Ruin your reputation by treating people like transactions just to make a sale

[X]--NEVER--[X] = Regret your decision to place your purpose over profits (...because you can have both!)

While there are plenty of Money-Driven Mentors out there who are prepared to teach you Money-Driven Marketing Methods...

Change Makers Worldwide™ is in a CATEGORY OF ONE because it's recognized as the leading transformational training organization that's 100% focused on:

"Messaging, Marketing, & Monetization Methods for Movement Makers, Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs, and Social Impact Small Businesses"

The primary promise of today's talk is to teach you - How to Amass an Army of Advocates that'll help you Magnify & Multiply Your Message (...and ultimately turn your message into a massive movement!)

And if that wasn't enough...

We're also going to teach you - 7 Specific Steps That When Followed in the Right Order Will Guarantee You Instantly Increase Your Impact, Influence, & Income


Register right now so you don't miss out on learning the exact Mission-Driven Marketing Methods that TR used to take one of his clients from $40K per year to $4M per year (...just 4 short years later!)

Business Marketing
Marketing Social Media Marketing +2
The 3 Pillars of Creating Change
Teresa de Grosbois Chair, Evolutionary Business Council

In this heartfelt interview, Teresa de Grosbois talks about the roots of change, from your internal thoughts to your ability to create global shifts. Whether you’re just looking to change your life or the world at large, this paradigm shifting interview will leave you with new insights and inspiration to get into action.


You will learn

  • The three pillars of creating change and why it’s important to understand their balance
  • Why following your heart leads to both greater influence and abundance
  • The key factor in using your influence to find opportunities to create change
How the bestseller lists work
Tyler Wagner Founder at

In this presentation, you'll learn how the 5 major bestseller lists work!

The 3 Keys to Writing a GREAT Book You Can Be Proud Of
Weston Lyon Founder of Plug & Play Publishing

Without exception, every single author-in-the-making I've ever personally helped write a book is afraid of ONE thing...

Writing a "bad" book!

In other words, they were afraid of writing a subpar or inferior book that makes them look bad to their readers.

It's understandable. After all, if you write a "bad" book, then your readers may see you as unprofessional and you'll lose your credibility with them. Or they may see you as a "fraud" - not the expert they thought you were.

In addition, if you write a book that bores your reader or isn't well-written, then your reader will either put your book down and forget about you. Or worse, your readers will tell everyone about you and your shoddy, second-rate book. (Remember, bad news travels faster than good news.)

So while it's important that you get your book done and into your prospects' hands, it's even more critical that you focus on writing a GREAT book!

A book so good that your readers WILL see you as the expert and authority you are.

A book so good that your readers WILL tell everyone they know and your message will spread like wildfire.

And a book so good that your readers WILL desperately want to take the next step with you and your business.

So that's what we're going to talk about in this presentation. The keys to writing a GREAT book! A book you can be proud of and a book you're eager to get into other peoples' hands.

More specifically, we'll explore...

  • The 3 Key Fundamentals YOU MUST FOLLOW in order to write a GREAT book!
  • The #1 Mistake ALL first-time (and even veteran) authors make that sabotages their success!
  • 5 Easy Tips that will make YOUR Book UNFORGETTABLE and SHARE-WORTHY!

So, are you ready to write a book you can be proud of?

If so, then JOIN ME on The Book It Summit on Wednesday, March 23rd!

I'll see you there!

Dedicated to your success as an authority!

Weston Lyon, Author of 20+ Books & Founder of Plug & Play Publishing |