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Step onto the spotlight as a speaker of our exclusive virtual summit. If you're an established authority, a game-changer in your industry, and you carry the passion to drive both individuals and businesses toward exceptional growth, we invite you to make your mark.

As a speaker, we expect you to deliver pearls of wisdom that can be life-changing when effectively utilized. We're talking about insights with the unique power to shape businesses and revolutionize lives.

This is your golden opportunity to inspire change on a grand scale. If you are ready to extend your influence and escalate your impact beyond its current borders, the stage is yours.

Our summit's audience is diverse, encompassing heart-centered professionals, entrepreneurs, and seasoned business veterans all seeking to enhance their impact, either by creating a lasting legacy or by simply expanding their reach further. They understand the value of a distinctive brand but yearn for guidance to get it right. If you know the secret of aligning authenticity with a personal brand, your expertise is direly needed.

Our platform is your chance to usher these individuals towards growth, with your own experiences and wisdom as their guiding torch. Impact lives, build legacies, and make the world a better place - join us on this extraordinary journey!

How to Shine with the Hollywood Effect for Your Slide Presentation
Brigette Callahan Presentation Design Strategist

We've all experienced "Death by PowerPoint". But what if you could WOW your audience with slides that look like a Hollywood movie! In my talk I will show you some before and after slides and how you can make your slides so much better. You will increase engagement and conversions with these simple techniques you apply to your slides. Your audience will love you for it. And you will love it, too.

Business Design +2
Presentation Skills
Why Every Author Needs an Editor: A Look at Different Types of Editing
Claudia Volkman Owner, Creative Editorial Solutions

I'll talk about the different types of editing and why every author can benefit from book coaching and editorial help

Thriving in the Digital World
Dalton Mark Grainger CEO/Founder of Morph Marketing

A walk-through of what digital marketing is and why it is so important to each individual company

Where is your audience and how do you connect with them?

An overview of a few of the major online search engines and social media platforms and how to get the most out of them!

Google and Facebook ads

How I help businesses and how to contact me


Finding the Right Stages
Dannella Burnett Strategic Event Producer and Speaker Support Services

Speaking without monetization is just talking.   Are you positioning yourself to make money every time your speak?  Not all gigs are created equal and the right gigs can make a massive impact to your profit and influence.  Be prepared, positioned, ready to be profitable and get the right gigs! 

Podcasting Will Make You Shine!
David Chametzky Podcasting Will Make You Shine!

We will discuss why every entrepeneur should have a podcast and we will discuss the advantages and growth. 

Graphics & Haptics: Print Marketing
Hyrum Rappleye Graphic Design

Benefits of print marketing in a digital world. How great graphics paired with the right paper can lead to success.

Design Marketing
Marketing Graphic Design
Mastering Your Virtual Presence on Zoom
J.D. Leisky Founder and CEO of GPS To Life Success

In today's digital age, virtual meetings have become a staple in the business world. 'Mastering Your Virtual Presence on Zoom' delves into the nuances of creating a compelling and professional presence during online interactions. This presentation offers actionable insights on how to command attention, convey confidence, and effectively communicate in a virtual environment. Drawing from best practices and expert tips, attendees will learn strategies to elevate their Zoom interactions, ensuring they not only participate but leave a lasting impression. Whether you're leading a team meeting, pitching to clients, or networking online, this guide will equip you with the tools to shine in every Zoom call

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Education Communication +53
The Benefits of Getting Published.. What to know
Karen Strauss Strauss Publisher Hybrid Global Publishing

An interview with Peter about why every entrepreneur, coach or speaker needs to publish a book. A discussion about the best ways to go about getting published and promoted.

Business Marketing
Book Marketing Book Publishing
2 Talks: You Have a Superpower Thursday 12:00 - 12:45 pm & Wealth Through Storytelling Saturday 11:30 am - 12-15pm
Kellan Fluckiger Founder - Your Ultimate Life

Talk #1 Learn how to mine your existing skills, natural gifts, and life experience to identify that unique and powerful gift you have to offer the world.

Talk #2 Use the Unique Superpower you have to create books, products, speaking stories and coaching to create the income and impact you want to have in the world. 

Messy Marketing Mistakes That Are Costing You Clients, Time and Money
Lori Lyons Website Design and Marketing Strategist

Feeling like your marketing isn't hitting the mark? Want to attract clients without the overwhelm and overcomplication? Join us as we uncover the top messy marketing mistakes holding many businesses back. We'll break down common pitfalls and share strategies to captivate audiences and drive your business forward, bringing in your perfect client simply and profitably. Get ready for clear, actionable insights to elevate your business! 

Client Attraction Mindset +3
Lead Generation Through Events
Mark Dominguez CEO

How can you generate leads for your business through networking events?

Thrive in the Spotlight with High Performance Habits
Nate Crandall & Steve Galley High Performance Coach

How can you as a driven, successful entrepreneur create and leverage certain habits to create greater transformation in any phase of your personal and professional life? This engaging and thought provoking introduction to evidence based and research backed high performance habits will help you begin that journey! 

Business Mindset
habit formation high performance
Overcoming Camera Shyness: The first step to Video Success
Peter Weiner Creative Content Expert

Before any business owner can properly represent themselves to the outside world, they need to know how to conquer being in front of the camera. Throughout this summit, Peter will offer exercises, presentations and opportunities for you as a business owner to SHINE in front of the camera and get your true story out there. SHINE1023

Business Design +5
Communication Media +27
Creating Community Through The Arts
Rachel Cross Artistic Community Builder

Forming alliances with your local arts communities is good for business, brand, and soul. I'll show you how.

Camera-Ready Wardrobe Styling Tips to Shine on Camera with Confidence
Scarlett De Bease Image Consultant

In today's digital age, whether you're giving a presentation, recording a video, or participating in a virtual meeting, your on-camera presence matters. Learn how to make the right first impression with the clothes you wear.

Education Leadership +2
Business Client Attraction +8
Confidence On Camera and In Life
Tanya Memme Award Winning TV Host

I teach people how to step into their most confident and authentic self on camera through inspiring stories and exercises.