Isabelle Boyer de la Giroday
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Channel & publish your book with zero stress

While everyone has something interesting to say, eXtraOrdinary Leaders have a real message to share. Isabelle Giroday's super power lies in helping create and channel this message, this book you have within you, so that it can transform other peoples' lives. 
Her unique approach allows to generated your book content quickly, wihtout writing a single line, good bye blank page paralysis! 
To see you impact thousands of lives while living your purpose is what motivates Isabelle each and every day. 
A journalist, international high impact publisher, and speaker, Isabelle has helped hundreds of coaches and entrepreneurs all over the globe become best-selling authors. A photographer, painter, podcaster, youtuber, this serial interviewer has been featured in renowned media and has already published 5 bestseling books. A 6th one is in the making ... .


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