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Dr. Susan Lovelle, a former plastic surgeon, is the Founder of Premiere Wellness, offering all-in-one lifestyle health solutions for busy professionals and innovative companies. She specializes in boosting their personal energy, optimizing weight, and balancing hormones to unlock peak performance in every aspect of life.  


Dr. Susan covers popular topics that directly affect productivity and well-being, from work-life balance strategies to the significance of self-care. She emphasizes the impact of personalized nutrition, sleep, and hormones on productivity and energy levels, while also offering effective stress reduction techniques to cultivate a more balanced life. 


She is seeking participation in summits, workshops, and keynote speaking events. Her goal is to inspire audiences to prioritize their well-being and embrace a lifestyle that nourishes them holistically throughout each of the 1440 minutes in every day.


Dr. Susan has been featured on The Doctors, the docuseries Exhausted, Lifetime TV, KNOW Women, and Good Morning Washington. Her book, Thrive! The Five-Week Guide to Mastering Your Energy At Any Age is available on Amazon.


These are example talks for Dr. Susan Lovelle

"Unleashing the Ageless Entrepreneur: A Holistic Approach to Health and Success”

In this riveting presentation, we will delve into the intersection of lifestyle, health, and the unique challenges faced by women professionals and entrepreneurs over 40. We will uncover ways to embrace and thrive in this pivotal stage of life, focusing on lifestyle medicine and simple, yet sustainable strategies to boost your energy, productivity, and overall well-being.


You'll walk away with: 

1. Insight into the specific health concerns and challenges for busy women over 40 and how to proactively address them.

2. Strategies for integrating healthy habits into your busy lifestyle to improve energy, productivity, and mental clarity through optimizing your hormones.

3. Understanding the power of lifestyle medicine and natural wellness strategies to foster longevity, vitality, and, ultimately, business success.

Health & Well-being Healthcare +1
Anti-inflammatory Living Body Confidence +21
STRESS DECODED: 7 Strategies to Tame the Tigers

It's estimated that stress is at the root of 75% of doctor visits, including heart disease, obesity, poor sleep, and even digestive issues. During this interactive talk, you'll begin to tame the “tigers” of stress when you:

  • Learn why not all stress is harmful…and how to focus on the beneficial type in your life.
  • Measure and monitor stress markers to be more “zen”
  • Discover 7 simple, scientifically-proven strategies to minimize stress in your daily life…meditation not required.
Health & Well-being Healthcare +1
Anti-inflammatory Living Business Success +15


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