Jawad Mustafa
Dr. Jawad Mustafa he/him/his
OBGYN Ultrasound Consultant & Breast Health Coach

Dr. Jawad Mustafa is a renowned OBGYN Ultrasound Consultant and Breast Health Coach dedicated to raising awareness about breast health and cancer prevention. He founded Bebreastaware, a non-government, non-funded organization providing free online resources and training for women and healthcare professionals.
Dr. Jawad Mustafa takes a unique approach during his one-on-one coaching sessions by combining medical expertise with a holistic perspective. By addressing both physical and emotional aspects, he ensures a comprehensive understanding of breast health and empowers individuals to take control of their well-being in a holistic manner.
His tireless commitment and groundbreaking initiatives aim to bridge the information gap and bring hope for women globally. 


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Self Breast Awareness and Early Detection Can Save Lives

Breast cancer is a leading cause of deaths in women and this number increases due to late detection or delayed treatment. Self Breast Awareness is a concept that empowers women in understanding basics about breast health, breast care and early detection of signs and symptoms linked with any ongoing health concerns or breast cancer. There is an alarming trend of increased number of breast diseases and cancer in mostly unscreened age group between 15 to 39 years of age. Efforts should be made to educate and coach this age group regarding medical and holistic approach towards body health and breast health improvement to reduce the avoidable risk factors for breast cancer development. 


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