Breast Cancer Healing Journeys: Medical Experts & Patient Narratives
Breast Cancer Healing Journeys: Medical Experts & Patient Narratives
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Organizer Dr. Ann Hester of Tech Treats, LLC
Breast Cancer Healing Journeys: Medical Experts & Patient Narratives
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Open: Accepting Speaker Applications Until Saturday, 14 October, 12:17 PM

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Countless lives have been shattered by this disease, but there is hope. This summit will address medical issues pertaining to breast cancer from physicians and support personnel. It will also address patients' feelings, experiences, and tips they want to share with others about their journeys. 

Self Breast Awareness and Early Detection Can Save Lives
Dr. Jawad Mustafa Breast Health Coach

Breast cancer is a leading cause of deaths in women and this number increases due to late detection or delayed treatment. Self Breast Awareness is a concept that empowers women in understanding basics about breast health, breast care and early detection of signs and symptoms linked with any ongoing health concerns or breast cancer. There is an alarming trend of increased number of breast diseases and cancer in mostly unscreened age group between 15 to 39 years of age. Efforts should be made to educate and coach this age group regarding medical and holistic approach towards body health and breast health improvement to reduce the avoidable risk factors for breast cancer development. 

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breast cancer Self Breast Awareness
Calm Your Mind to Boost Your Energy
Karin Del Maestro Del Maestro Health & Calmness Coach

We rarely realize how much energy our thoughts can steal. Karin will portray quickly with her British sense of humor and passion for tea, a visual that helps us see quickly where our energy is going and what we can do about it.

Depending on the length of the interview/presentation, Karin can share 4 ways to calm your mind that don't include meditation.

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Eat to defeat Cancer
Laleh Talebian Co-founder and CEO of DNA Wellness

The outline of the Eat 2 defeat cancer:

• What are the main causes of cancer?
• Can anyone get cancer?
• What are the risk factors for cancer?
• What lifestyle modifications are best at preventing cancer?
• What foods are cancer-fighting?
• What foods may help feed cancer?