Claudia-Sam Cataford Sauvé
Claudia-Sam Cataford Sauvé she/her/hers
Soul Connection Coach | Tune-In Method | Meditation
B.A. Communication Studies, Yoga Trainings 700+ hours

Claudia-Sam supports passionate Leaders and guides who've lost sense of their purpose and who want the confidence to share their passions with the world. 


Using her Tune-In method, she helps them to put themselves at the top of their to-do list (without taking more time). This includes ditching the self-care guilt, creating a deeper connection with their Higher Self and flexing their soul connection muscle so that they can be their own inner guides to fulfilment and happiness now. 

Talks include: 

✅ What's your inner body indicator of stress and fear?

✅ How to be your own inner guide (and get out of survival mode) using the Tune-In method

✅ How to put yourself at the top of the to-do list (even if you're crunched for time)

✅ What to do with difficult emotions (when you’re scared that they will hit you like a big wave)?


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