The World of Writers
The World of Writers
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Organizer Ann Ljungberg
The World of Writers
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Registration ends: Sun, Oct 9, 2022 1:00 PM (1 year 7 months ago)


You have an audience of WRITERS and will get a chance to expand your audience and show off your expertize in the world of writing, publishing, book marketing or other skills related to writers. 

We have space for twelve 45 minute sessions - interview or presentation style - at no cost for you. You can offer a gift to the audience.

We also have space for six 90 minute workshop sessions where you can teach and make an offer. You will need to provide us with an affiliate link and we'll agree on the commission depending on your offer.

The summit runs over three days with 3 themes. There will be room for 2 workshops and 4 interviews/presentations each day as well as a challenge.

  1. Writing and editing
  2. Book production (incl preparation)
  3. Book Marketing

We need your application no later than September 19.  Please don't wait until the last day to apply :-)

October 7 - 8am PT - Writing is NOT a lonely journey
Helena & Ann - Your Hosts Co-counders of Book Professionals Intl

How to find your community and get both peer support and professional help for your writing.

If you are feeling lost or stuck in your writing, know that you are not alone. I's not hard to find the right community or resources to help - if you know where too look. This session will give you some tips on how to find your community and get both peer support and professional help for your writing. With little effort, you can find the resources and support you need to improve your writing.

October 7 - 9.15am PT - How to Write a Thought Leadership Book
Dan Janal How to Write a Thought Leadership Book

When you position yourself as a thought leader, you get more clients, at higher fees, with less competition. That's because people get to know, like, and trust you, AND they see you as the leader who can take them from mess to success -- and make them look like the hero. All thought leadership books are business books - but not all business books are thought leadership books. Attend this session and determine how to position yourself at the top of the pyramid so your book builds your business.


Business Health & Well-being +4
Marketing Media +4
October 7 - 10.15am PT - Who You Gonna Call? GHOSTWRITER!
Claudia Gere Creator, Aspiring Authors Program TM

When the mere thought of writing a book all by yourself is overwhelming, the idea of hiring a ghostwriter can be very appealing. Claudia Gere shares what she has learned as a successful ghostwriter (and the horror stories others have shared), including:

  1. Best reasons for hiring a ghostwriter
  2. Common misconceptions and pitfalls surrounding their role
  3. Questions every aspiring author should ask before hiring one

Find out whether hiring a ghostwriter is the right choice for you and your book project, and if it is, the best path forward for you. 

Business Marketing +1
Book Marketing Book Publishing +1
October 7 - 11.30 am PT - Your Life Matters and Author Mentorship
Junie Swadron CEO and Author Mentor

Our lives are made up of a series of stories and not one is the same as another. Each of us earthlings are so incredibly unique and we all know that stories are what makes the world go round.  We also know that truth is stranger than fiction! Reflecting back on our lives is one of the richest endeavours we can undertake.  Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living” and what I think he meant was that without reflection we are deprived of meaning and the purpose of existence.  As a psychotherapist and writing coach for over 30 years, one of my favourite things in life is to help people know that their life matters. Not everyone wants to write a book about it.  And even those who know in their soul that it is something they so want to do, they often sabotage themselves with unrelenting negative self-talk - things like, “I don’t really have a story worth telling”, or “there’s so many stories like mine out there already”, or my favourite. “I can’t spell.”   If you are a person who wants to write a book - perhaps your memoir to share the wisdom you have gleaned over your lifetime, or you are an entrepreneur and you want to convey your passion - what you have discovered that will help others to find their way in the world - this workshop is for you!  My motto is this:  “Your soul meets you on the page and something shifts. You strengthen. And begin to stand taller. Soon you begin to notice that your voice on the page has become your voice in the world.”  

October 7 - 1.15 pm PT - Your Book as a Bridge Builder
Susan Crossman Your Book as a Bridge Builder

The three transformations an author experiences along the path to publication

October 8 - 8.15 am PT - Considerations for Audiobook
Breakfield and Burkey Co-Authors of Enigma Series

Reviews all the considerations for authors who want to offer readers an alternative media to enjoy their books. 

October 8 - 9.15 am PT - Jumpstart Yourself as an Author to Grow Your Business
Katrina Sawa Int'l Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and CEO of and

Why should you tell your story or write your expertise down in a printed book? Being an author could  be the #1 thing that sets you apart from your competitors in your marketplace or industry. It can also bring you more clients from those who read your book and get to know you better. Being an author can also help you grow your business by opening doors for more speaking gigs and referrals.


The problem is that many people who start out on a journey to write their first book, have no real plan on how the book will help them in their business, much less how to market the book. There are also many different types of books one could write, some that are easier to do than others. What you don't want to do is Overthink It! Whether you’re comfortable writing or not, it’s time to learn how to finally become a published author and achieve that next level of credibility or celebrity status in your industry. This presentation will share the dos, don’ts, pros and cons, and tips for before and after publishing so you’re more educated when you implement this strategy.


Come to this presentation and learn:

  • 7 different types of books you could write quickly and easily
  • The pros and cons on all the ways you could publish and print your book
  • The things you MUST HAVE in place in order to actually get clients from your book
  • Tips for writing and marketing your book, before, during and after the publishing process
Business Marketing +2
Marketing Business +12
October 8 - 10.15 am PT - A podcaster/author’s guide for authors interested in podcasts
Freddy Cruz Founder

First ten minutes: How to be a guest on a podcast.


Second ten minutes: Should you host your own podcast?


Third ten minutes: Releasing your book as a podcast series.


Last fifteen minutes: Q & A

October 8 - 11.30 am PT - Easily Create Authority and Impact
Cheri Merz Author, Ghostwriter, Book Coach, Editor

Is this your year to publish your message? Maybe you've been encouraged to publish your story or your client-attracting book. Maybe you already knew that a book is one of the best ways to establish authority, as well as to have a worldwide impact. 

But maybe you don't have time to write an entire book, or maybe you don't know how to get it published, or just need some help getting started. 

What if you could solve all those challenges and more the easy way? 

Explore three easy ways to have a best-selling book in record time.

Storytelling Book Publishing +1
October 9 - 8.15 am PT - Understand The Purpose of Your Writing With Astrology
Yael Terramel Weisbach Astrologer & Writer

In this presentation I will teach about the Midheaven, a cardinal point in the birth chart, which represents career and public persona.


The more you are tuned with your Midheaven, the more successful you are. 


Through understanding your Midheaven, you learn the purpose of your writing – are you here to bring peace and balance? Are you here to write about passion and romance? Deep, intense or tabu issues? Or maybe about spirituality or philosophy? 


We will also discuss the element of our Midheaven and how we can strengthen it to connect with our Midheaven. 


I’d love to work with some of the attendees and/or organizers’ birth charts and present their creativity and purpose through their charts. In this case, I will have to get the birth info up to a week prior to the event. 

Health & Well-being Therapy
Psychology Spiritual Growth +11
October 9 - 10.15 am PT - Beyond Writing
Ann Hobbs Publisher

One thing that might be holding you back from writing a book is knowing what to do with it after it has been written. Or, you may have a manuscript already waiting for the next step. It can be a minefield out there if you don’t know the pros and cons of where to go next. You may be thinking shall I get a publisher, do I self-publish or are there any other options.

It took me about a year to figure out what was the best way to move forwards with my first book, Kick Ass Your Life so in this presentation I am going to give you a quick overview of what your next step could be. 

The three most important takeaways you will get in this presentation will be:-

  1. What you want to do with your book?
  2. What is the next step for you?
  3. Pros and cons of self-publishing and a publisher

This presentation will help you save money and help you to decide which way to go. It can be a minefield out their with a lot of vanity publishers so be armed with the right information. 

Can along and bring your questions for me to answer.



Business Health & Well-being +2
Marketing Literature +4
October 9 - 1.15 PT From Writer to Book Pro
Ann & Helena - Your Hosts Co-counders of Book Professionals Intl

Find your writing super strengths in this 90-minutes workshop!


The World of Audiobooks
Breakfield & Burkey Co-Authors of Enigma Series

We intend to cover how to take your book or manuscript and turn it into a finely polished audiobook. You will learn the mechanics of shopping for a voice narrator, how to approach your new partnership, and of course the subtilties of choosing exclusive verses non-exclusive listing your property. This 45 minute presentation is going to be packed with great how to info but we will leave time at the end for questions & answers. 

Entertainment & Art
Interview Ready
Brenda Adelman Story Siren

Writing a Book is Different than Sharing about it in Interviews.

You're going to discover how to be CAPTIVATING in your interviews so that you can share more about your story, create fans and sell more books.

In just 90 minutes I'll help you...

**Find the Story that will Impact Your Host and Your Audience the Most

**Make Sure the Message You are Sharing in the Interview Entices the Audience to Want More

**Be at Ease in Your Interviews by Giving You Acting Tips (aka Short Cuts) that Took Me Years to Learn in Top Classes in Los Angeles and New York City and from Being Interviewed on Over 200 media outlets (TV, Radio and Podcasts) Sample: CBS, FOX TV, NPR, ReInvention Radio

In 90 minutes you'll leave Confidently Knowing How to Use Guest Interviewing as a Marketing Tool to Sell Your Books.

Entertainment & Art Marketing +2
Communication Marketing +41
October 8 - 1.15 pm PT - Interview Ready
Brenda Adelman Storytelling Mentor

Brenda Adelman gives you the top ways to stand out, make a difference and give good interview so that the audience is left wanting more

Business Entertainment & Art +4
Storytelling Virtual Events +33
Using the Tune-In method to get creative using your intuition
Claudia-Sam Cataford Sauve Soul Coach

Learn to flex your soul connection muscle to allow creativity to flow instead of forcing it to happen.  Learn to listen to your body and recognise any harmful thoughts so that you can take care of yourself and have this self-loving energy transpire in your writing.  Learn to trust your inner wisdom and feel good enough to use your writing gifts.