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40 Years In Business as a Communication and Mindset Trainer

BJ grew up in Montana and has a deep love for being outside in Nature. She's a NW Native, hosting retreats for Entrepreneurs, HR and Business Owners, who are ready for a break.  

She is a personal and business coach and the author of “Are You My Flock”,  personality profiling made fun and effective. 

Training in communication and mindset for effective productivity.  She loves to engage audiences in the exploration of personalities, understanding themselves, and more importantly, identifying and relating to those they interact with.  

Helping teams respectfully interact with each other for smoother office or business environments, and improving communication for higher productivity.

 In her first business career, BJ was in the banking world for over 10 years, learning the importance of personalities and communication styles. As she discovered the similarities in Nature, Birds, and People, this lead to an effective and fun personality profiling program and book which are now available as keynote, guest speaker, or office trainings. 

BJ is a mother of 2, an entrepreneur at heart, and has spent over 40 years in business. She’s built 2 businesses, training other entrepreneurs, raising up leaders, and coaching business owners from many walks of life.   Helping others gain a deeper understanding of themselves, the people around them, and making that shift to speaking all four languages for real results. 



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Are You My Flock - Personality Profiling Made Fun Easy and Relatable

This unique look at communication, through my ARE YOU MY FLOCK - Personality Profiling Made Fun and Easy, really works.

Alyson implemented this training for the first time and had higher profits in one quarter than she had the previous 3 quarters of the year.  All from being able to identify who she was talking with and how to speak their language.  She achieved more YES results with this one shift. 

In this training everyone can easily discover their strengths and challenges in communication.  Recognizing the value of others and how to communicate effectively and respectfully changes the dynamics of every interaction.  Whether you are talking with a coworker, prospect, boss, or family member, understanding how they think, talk, and process information will make all the difference in the world in creating win/win results.  

There are 4 basic personality "styles" and each one communicates differently. When you learn, not only how YOU communicate, but also the communication style of the other 3 personalities, you can communicate effectively and authentically.

This fun and interactive presentation opens the doors for great insights.  Everyone will learn how to clearly identify and speak the language of the other 3 “Flocks”.

When someone feels heard, understood, and seen, they are more likely to do business with you. They are likely to say YES.

Yes, tell me more.


Yes, I like your idea. 


Yes, can we work together.


If you are a business owner desiring to help your staff or team understand how to effectively improve their sales, communications, and team building, this program will be one they remember and use daily for results!

​​​In person, on Zoom or from the stage, participating in the Are You My Flock program will help you:


  • Learn how to speak the language of all four "Flocks" in Business
  • Quickly and authentically build trust with your prospect.
  • Easily lead your prospect to THEIR goals thru YOUR business.
  • Clearly understand what drives your prospect.
  • Take your communication skills to a whole new level
  • Learn the key to understanding your family and prospects.
  • Discover how a few "tweaks" in your language can make a difference.
  • Gain insights into personalities and HOW that matters.

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