Art Giser
The creator of Energetic NLP
the creator of Energetic NLP, clairvoyant, healer, executive coach, leadership specialist to Fortune 50 companies, speaker, author
Art Giser, the creator of Energetic NLP, is an internationally renowned teacher, intuitive and healer.
Art believes each of us is born with  amazing intuitive and energetic abilities. His gift is in helping people access and develop those hidden abilities in extraordinary ways. He has helped people to open up their intuition, spirituality and their ability to work with energy. Art leads people to discover how amazing they truly are, and how they can have more fun in life, be healthier, more successful and contribute more to the world simply by being who they really are.
Art draws on a unique and diverse background of more than 36 years of study and development in the fields of NLP, spirituality, life coaching, and intuition development. He has worked with Western, Tibetan, Hindu, South American, and Philippine  energy healers.  He has been an NLP trainer for over 26 years,  spent 11 years doing medical research for the University of California, and  consults to major corporations in the areas of leadership and team development.
Art is known for the joy, humor and compassion that he brings to his work. He is able to simplify complex ideas and has a magical ability to help people release old programming, emotions and limiting beliefs quickly and easily. This and his talent for helping people open up their amazing hidden abilities, has made his workshops and teleworkshops popular in the US, Europe, and South America.


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