YES Mastermind Intensive
YES Mastermind Intensive
Created 2 years 8 months ago
Organizer Pamela Heath
YES Mastermind Intensive
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Abundance Mindset Prosperity Wellness
Timezone: Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Thu, Oct 7, 2021 4:00 PM (2 years 7 months ago)



I’m Pamela Heath and I’m The YES Coach™ - a certified Life Coach and Business Strategist. I teach my clients to say YES to Life. My brand is that I teach from a positive mindset, and I help my clients find the path to the life of their dreams. I wrote a book that went to bestseller in April 2021 called Say YES! 7 Steps to the Life of Your Dreams. In my book I take seven areas of life that are fundamental to having a well-rounded, extraordinary life that has you be happy. Those seven areas of life are:

Career & Finances (Money)

Health & Fitness

Love & Romance

Relationships (Family, Friends & Associates)

Home Environment


Fun & Play

Inside of each of these areas, I outline practical structures and step-by-step solutions to expand your capacity for organization and efficiency to lead to a happy, fulfilled, and productive life. What works about me is that I’m highly spiritual and yet practical and logical. It’s like ‘woo woo’ and esoteric but straightforward and conservative at the same time. I bring to the summit the same quality in the speakers who speak on my platform. Some of them are very conservative but most also combine this philosophical approach with good old-fashioned knowledge and training. They say it ‘takes a village’ to raise a child. I believe a community of empowered conscious professionals will lift up the entrepreneur consciousness to a level to transform the world of business. 

The YES Mastermind Intensive is a multi-day event (3 days) where there’ll be several speakers on each day (usually 8 per day), who will share their knowledge on their area of expertise with the attendees. I touch on each of these areas and deliver a transformational outlook on the WHOLE of living life fully and living the life of your dreams. Having your dreams come true requires commitment and a willingness to take actions in each area of your life. My intention was to draw speakers and trainers in each of these areas and provide a whole life experience inside of power, magic, and fun over the course of three days. I held my first event in June 2021. October 7-9, 2021 will be my second event. The intention is to have two speakers in each area of life. Two speakers plus myself and my MC John Arshadi, which equals 16 speakers. 

You’ll be responsible for 👇

  • A 30-minute presentation including the talk, and Q&A. Your presentation must be LIVE.
  • A unique opt-in to the summit using your affiliate link.
  • Marketing the event to your own mailing list and social media channels. We’ll provide you with 3 to 5 invitation email samples, social media copy and graphics to be sent out to your mailing list prior to the event. You will be able to modify and customize the sample email to send to your list.
  • Sharing 3-5 social media posts about the event during the promotion period.
  • A VIP gift for VIP ticket holders. (OPTIONAL)
  • The most important thing to remember about the YES Mastermind Intensive is that all of our speakers put their joint marketing efforts and knowledge into making this event beneficial to everyone in attendance.

How Does Attendance/Tickets Work?

Anyone can watch the event live for a General Admission price of $47. The General Admission price buys them seating at the event LIVE, the workbook for the event, free gifts from each speaker and, if they desire, a receipt for the donation of their General Admission ticket from Soul Shoppe. The attendees will have the option to upgrade with the purchase of two levels of VIP tickets. There are three levels of participation.

  • General Admission is $47
  • VIP Admission is $97
  • Platinum VIP Admission is $197

General Admission buys:

- Attendance at all sessions

- YES Mastermind Workbook

- Free Gifts from each Speaker

- If requested, receipt form the Charity Soul Shoppe for donation


VIP Admission buys:

- Everything that comes with General Admission

- 30 Day Access to the Replay of the Event

- Law of Attraction Planner

- 30 Minute Instant Clarity Call with The YES Coach™


Platinum VIP Admission buys:

- Everything that comes with General Admission

- Everything that comes with VIP Admission

- Lifetime access to replay of the YES Event

- Budget Planner

- YES YouCandle

- 30 Min Psychic Reading (choice from Event Speakers)


To apply to speak at the summit, a deposit of $47 is required. Register two (2) participants to attend the summit at the General Admission rate. When you apply to speak, you'll be sent a link to pay the deposit. Once the deposit is paid, you'll be scheduled to speak at the summit. You'll be sent a link to share with your lists to promote the event. When two participants enroll in the event at (minimum) General Admission level and attend at least one (1) day of the event, you will receive your deposit back. If more than 10 people register for the event, you will receive 10% of all paid fees of any participant over 10 that registers with your link. If any participant registers with your link at VIP level, you will receive 20% of any fees collected. If any participant registers as a Platinum VIP, you will receive 30% of the fees collected and a free Law of Attraction Planner. Your presentation should fit within the theme of the seven areas of life. Home Environment, Health & Wellness, Finances & Wealth, Relationships, Spirituality, and FUN & Play. Day 1 includes Health & Wellness and Finances & Wealth. Day 2 includes Relationships (Love & Romance, Friends & Extended Family, Work and Community Leadership) and Home Environment. Day 3 includes Spirituality and Fun & Play. Include your presentation description with your application.

Is Your Network Making You Money?
Alexei Musienko #1 Strategic Wealth Creation Expert

Is Your Network Making You Money? Or Just coasting you money?

Business Consulting Networking
Ignite Your Manifestation Magic
Angel Thacker The Joyous Life Coach™

Embrace, be open to and accept abundance creation in all areas of your life. 

Magical Manifestation

Access a 4-step process that will lift your vibration and shift your mindset.  Creating you a magical manifestor with a joyous wealth mindset, ready to create abundance in all areas of your life.

What do you want from life?  Are you satisfied with where you are?  Are fulfilled with where you're going?

Do you desire to have more than you have in your life?  More joy, peace, money, a home to call your own, a loving and fulfilling relationship... abundant health and true happiness?

​Do you want to look in the mirror and love yourself crazy!  

Most of us live life paycheck to paycheck.  Working hard to make it day to day, believing that this is what life is.  I call this the poverty mentality, the filter function that is auto-set on the limitations of life.  Fundamentally living each day considering what we can't have rather than what we can have.

​I want to tell you something, and it's not a secret.  You can have what you truly want.  You can absolutely have all that you wish for possible in your life.  Your ability to manifest starts with your mindset...your acceptance of what you're truly worthy of.

​Come with me and let me help you activate that magic within you!

Health & Well-being
Spiritual Growth Mindset +5
Grow Your Business With Sponsorship Money
Arline Warwick founder/owner

How businesses can get corporate sponsorship money, money to use for your business that you don't have to give back.

Clear Blocks to Deep Self Love
Art Giser Energetic NLP

You have layers and layers of energetic and unconscious programming that tells you that Deep Self Love is self-centered, ego-based, and not spiritual.

In this transformational and supportive session, you will clear some of your blocks to self-love.

Personal and spiritual growth can be easy and fun.

In this Energetic NLP Energy Spa™ session, you will relax, put your spirit in charge, and let the energy dissolve limiting beliefs and blocks.

It will be based on the deep recognition of your essential spiritual nature. This will be very different than other approaches to self-love: we will separate self-love from doing, accomplishment, and judgment. We will use Energetic NLP processes to clear some of your blocks to Deep Self Love and connecting with the energies of divine love.

Spiritual Development
Permission To Play
Cat LaCohie Permission To Play

We can get so caught up in the strive for success that ‘Fun’ and ‘Play’ become a last priority. It’s not that we’ve forgotten how to play but that we’re no longer giving ourselves permission to do so.

This uplifting presentation uncovers:

★ The reasons behind our hesitation to play.

★ The benefits to finding the fun in every moment.

★ Simple and effective ways in which we can bring more joy to ourselves and those around us and in turn magnetically attract more opportunity and happiness into our lives.

Entertainment & Art Health & Well-being +3
Communication Bullying +13
The Power of Turquoise
Catherine Laub The Turquoise Lady

Learn how turquoise will help you with clarity, focus, and becoming empowered

Health & Well-being Mindset
Personal Development Mindset +2
Masculine and Feminine Polarity
Courtney Titus Certified Women’s Holistic Health and Empowerment Coach

We all embody masculine and feminine energy, and polarity of these two energies in a relationship is key to good communication and good sex!

Health & Well-being Therapy
We Don't Di
Dianne Deering Certified Grief Educator

Di exemplifies a new way to “di” called “di-ing” as opposed to dying.  In so doing, she helps to heal the heavy heart of grief and guilt.  She tells her seemingly unbelievable true story of her “courtship beyond the grave” and her personal experiences with all kinds of loss that have turned out to be gifts that set her free.  You will learn how to conduct your own life review and find the pearls of peace.

Healing Soul Purpose
John Arshadi High-Ticket Coach, Closer, and Mentor

From broke washed-out medical student to successful Internet Entrepreneur, John Arshadi is a High-Ticket Coach, Closer, and Mentor to thousands of individuals across 3 different industries. After six years and thousands of dollars invested in failed businesses and heartache, he finally cracked the code to becoming successful online and offline, while helping others reach their goals and secure their futures. His mission is to eliminate the unnecessary time, suffering and expense often encountered by purpose-driven entrepreneurs who have something that will improve the lives of their clients and make the world a better place in their own unique way. All while simultaneously achieving their definition of business success. 

How to Publish Your Book in 7 Easy Steps and Make Passive Income
Kelly Falardeau BestSelling Author Strategist

Have you ever wondered how to get a book on Amazon? Or what it takes to become a Best-Selling Author? Or what it takes to even put pen to paper and write that book? That is what Kelly Falardeau will cover in her presentation. The three pillars it takes to get a book finished, published and launched. She solves the mystery of the self-publishing world so you can make an impact and income as a published author.

Business Education +3
Education Business +3
From Clutter to Cash Flow
Kitti McKay Your Declutter Specialist

I talk to established and startup entrepreneurs about how eliminating their clutter can help them make more money in their business so they can create an amazing life for themselves and their families.


Health & Well-being
Energy Entrepreneurship +1
Be You, Make more - How to grow your business through being in SERVICE of others
Lilly Wang High Performance & Business Coach

We will be focusing on relationships, but through a quantum physics, spiritual, and high-performance coaching lens.

Relationships: Why Opposites Attract or Attack?
Mamie-Jean Lamley Partner

Relationships: Why Opposites Attract or Attack?

Authenticity | Freedom | Responsibility | Self-Mastery

  • Discover why building relationships using values are key for connection and rapport
  • Learn a quick system for understanding the important people in your life
  • Hear why opposites attract  or attack
  • Get actionable tips that you can use in dating, parenting, marriage, and in business relationships
  • Receive a gift in understanding your most important relationship - the one with yourself.
The Power Of Movement
Michelle Gray Your Synergy Coach

Getting fit is not complicated and there are lots of ways to get started. The Power Of Movement can connect the dots for you to begin your fitness goals. One Step is Better than No Steps.

Health Energy +1
Feel UP to LIFE in the LimeLight:The Law of Attraction in Action~!
Michelle Hollis Founder

In this Presentation, I EMPOWER YOU to LIVE OUT LOUD by helping youto reconnect with the cool kid within and bring your Uniquely Colorful Self back into the leading role your life story with EASE!

Erasing Limiting Beliefs to Create Your Quantum Shift
Nicole Majik Empowerment Alchemist

If you feel like a hamster in life's wheel of disappointment and feel like every effort to move forward only pushes you back, then it may be time to explore WHY this keeps happening and discover HOW to eradicate the beliefs that are sabotaging your goal achievement. 

Imagine a life in which you cannot feel any fear whatsoever . There is nothing to stop you from achieving the life you deserve without compromising who you are or what you love. 

Your personal transformational journey starts now with this invaluable and insightful talk designed to pave the way for your quantum shift to stepping into your fearlessly authentic self by eliminating FOREVER the self sabotaging beliefs that are currently derailing you. 

If you are not attracting your ideal clients, spending too much time in your business without feeling rewarded, feel overwhelmed and just want to give up, it is time to magnetize your desires by creating a personalized road map for successful growth while turning your inner critic into a cheerleader. 

Mindset Prosperity +5
Align Your Energy Centers 5 Ways Journaling Can Help
Olivia Whiteman Organizational Life Architect

Balancing your Chakras can enhance all aspects of your life-relationships, finances, career, health, and love. Learn more about the chakras and how journaling can aid in getting more calmness, clarity, and confidence in your mind, body & spirit.

Health & Well-being
Spiritual Development
Clarify Your Message
Pamela Heath The YES Coach™

Pam Heath helps you clarify and define your personal unique message so you can deliver it effectively and monetize your gift.

Business Leadership +2
Personal Growth Public Speaking +1
SAS System for Success
Suzanne Ellers Professional Nag

In this presentation we will cover our personal patterns that serve and disturb our progress when learning online.

Education Mindset
Education E-Learning +3
Let's Talk Metaphysics: Is Everyone Psychic?
Tamela Hawley Founder

In this session we will discuss the origins of metaphysics and engage in an inquiry about the metaphysical journey in Western/American society. As a part of this discussion we will explore the question, "Is Everyone Psychic." Participants will be guided through a process to discover their own natural psychic abilities. You will leave with resources to continue the inquiry on your own and with others.

Entertainment & Art
Personal Development Spiritual Growth +1