Anne Gordon
Anne Gordon
Retreat Success Coach, Dolphin & Whale Wisdom Expert
Been leading retreats internationally since 2007. Certified Dolphin Energy Healer, Amazon Best Selling Author, BA in Biology and Animal Behavior.
Anne Gordon has been running her successful Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats internationally since 2007.  She shares the wisdom of the dolphins and whales through transformational retreats to spend time with and deepen your spiritual connection with the natural world.
She is a Retreat Success Coach who loves to share her comprehensive knowledge and experience of leading successful and lucrative retreats in the last 14 years with coaches, healers and transformational leaders.  She is dedicated to empowering you to easily create, fill and lead the transformational live and virtual retreats that you have been dreaming of.


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Transformational Virtual Retreats
Discover how to build your business, increase income and create a deep connection with your clients by leading your own Virtual Retreat.  Virtual Retreats are the perfect entry point offer to your client's journey to raise the "know, like and trust factor" and perfectly positions your higher end offers and live retreats.

Virtual retreats are much more than a workshop, webinar or 3-day sales event. They are an experiential version of a live retreat that instantly builds a sense of community through activities and experiences, content and even play. 

They are easy to create, fill and lead for any coach, healer, transformational leader, speaker, author or expert. 
Business Leadership +1
Client Attraction Education +2
The Power of Retreats
Are you ready to make a bigger impact with your clients than you ever thought possible by leading your own retreat? Leading retreats can help to grow your business, establish yourself as a Transformational Leader and bring in more money while building a fun and deep relationship with your clients.

Discover the transformational power of leading retreats to make a life-changing impact in the lives of your clients. 
Business Travel & Adventure
Business Client Attraction
Whale and Dolphin Wisdom
Have you ever seen a skinny whale? Whales represent Abundance. They are the largest animals on Earth and they eat the smallest and they always have enough. The whales have much to teach us about tapping into the natural flow of abundance.

Dolphins teach us about joy, play and to be in flow, as well as unity/community and being in the present moment.  These are just a few of the beautiful lessons we can learn from the dolphins and whales.
Animals & Plants Health & Well-being +3
Animals Environment


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