Angela Jackson
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I help people become their best selves.
B.A., M.A., Clearmind Pratitioner, Fast Action Coach.

If not now… when? And if not you… who?

My passion is helping people shift anger, fear and resentment to creative energy so they can experience more freedom, joy and peace in life.

Have you been playing small and hiding your talents? Would you like to feel more freedom, joy and peace in your life? I want you to know that transformational breakthroughs can happen in an instant, no matter how long you’ve been feeling afraid, lost or frustrated. I’m talking about the kind of 'aha' moments that change your life forever, like developing the confidence to speak your truth, to recognize the value of your unique gifts and bringing them forward. You can shift limiting habits and make powerful life-changing breakthroughs quicker than you ever thought possible. No more imposter syndrome for you. Instead you’ll design the life you love to live… and then live it! This is the kind of power you'll access when you sign up for my self-mastery programs.  

  • You have helped me re-gain myself and have given me tools to manage my life. Words can’t express how grateful I am.” Mary Welch
  • Angela helped me change my relationship with anger. My whole life improved! Now I am able to speak up and ask for what I want instead of staying resentful.” Lucy Ross
  • Angela has an incredible ability to enlighten and lift spirits” Pat Codato

Author of two international best-selling books, guest on numerous television shows, including CBS Geraldo, who held up Celebrating Anger and said ‘Everyone should read this book!’,  Angela believes that our deepest wounds can become our most treasured gifts. She is passionate about helping people heal self-limiting habits and nurture their gifts so they can shine their light in the world.       

“Although there were 1000 people present, I felt like a guest in your living room!” Barbara Dyszuk, KW Counseling Services Inc.
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Celebrating Anger!

Using Anger as an Opportunity for Transformation

Celebrating Anger! Using anger as an opportunity for transformation


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Hosted by Pamela Heath