The 2nd Chance at Life Summit
The 2nd Chance at Life Summit
Created 1 year 10 months ago
Organizer Virginia Picart-Backus
The 2nd Chance at Life Summit
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Registration ends: Wed, Jan 26, 2022 6:00 PM (1 year 8 months ago)


The 2nd Chance at Life Summit 1-26-2022

I am looking for speakers to speak at a mini summit I’m putting together for 1-26-2022 titled “The 2nd Chance at Life summit”. Ideal speakers would be life-coaches, or other professionals who coach, treat, or council people who have gone through a catastrophic or life altering event, & are now working through the process of rebuilding their lives, or who would like to begin rebuilding it. The speakers may themselves be people who have gone through such an event.

The heart & theme of the summit is helping people see how they can re-imagine, restructure & rebuild their lives for success after a catastrophic or life-altering event, (not necessarily the physical mechanics of it, but the necessary mindset). Each speaker will have 30-minutes to do their presentation speech, & then answer a question or two from the host after their speech.

Speakers are needed who will agree to help promote this event, & must also agree to the terms stated on the Criteria for Potential Speakers, (please review the Criteria for Potential Speakers document below).

 This will be a 5-hour summit with a limited number of speakers. The summit is free for registrants. However, there is a $97.00 speaker’s fee, which will be refunded when a speaker gets 20 or more registrants for the summit, or when 2 of their registrants purchase a VIP ticket for the event.

If the theme of this 2nd Chance at Life Summit” is something you believe you would be interested in participating in, I would like to invite you to become one of the speakers. Come join us & make a difference in people’s lives. For questions or further information please contact me at

Celebrating Anger!
Angela Jackson Motivational Speaker, Coach and Author

Using Anger as an Opportunity for Transformation. I’m no stranger to anger. It became my default position. I thought it was my due, I mean, if you’d been through what I had, you’d be angry too! It wasn’t until a series of calamities occurred that I reached my bottom and had a wake up call and began my journey of recovery. Along the way I learned that I could make a friend of anger and use it as a catalyst for growth.Today I have stories, ideas and tools to share with you so you too can manage anger, because one thing is certain…if you’re not managing anger, it’s managing you! 

Autoimmune Mysteries And Solutions
Desiree Lawn Founder

I know what it’s like to suffer for years with mystery symptoms.  I had eczema as a child, my hair was falling out in my twenties, stubborn weight and digestive upset was common.  Tests that doctors ran would come back “normal”.  My tooth suddenly cracked in 2015, and severe reaction to dental material led to multiple autoimmune conditions including Hashimotos thyroiditis, Vitiligo, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

When doctors didn’t have answers and wouldn’t run functional lab tests I needed, I decided to be my own health detective to get my health back so I could be there for my husband and kids.  I learned the importance of a positive mindset, self-care and a balanced lifestyle including eating the right foods for your body, optimizing sleep, balancing exercise, reducing stress, releasing emotions and taking the right supplements to rebuild health step by step. 

Join me to find out the steps to become empowered to heal.

Health & Well-being Mindset
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Transform Your Mind. Change Your Life!
Dr. Ken Martz Psychologist, Author

Life can be a whirlwind of work, household maintenance, bills, preparations for school, travel to activities, and more. When tragedies and traumatic events happen it can be difficult to find hope for a way out.  As a psychologist for 20 years, I have trained in a wide range of techniques and tools to support change and life transformation.   In this session, learn key markers of mental change to open doors for a new life.  We will also see how a few minutes of meditation can help to clear our minds and even be time-saving.  As we bring focus to changing our mind, we have new opportunities to change our life. 

Holy Shift! ~ Now What?
Laney Johnston Counsellor & Coach

I am no stranger to change, I have purposely and successfully embraced change many times throughout my life. Being a young mom was my first introduction to chosen change, later I lost over 150lbs, quit smoking, and in 2014 after a painful rock bottom with alcohol addiction, I choose sobriety and recovery. 

However, I experienced sudden trauma in July 2020 when I woke up stone-cold deaf. This change was devastating and I struggled in silence for many months until I connected with people who have had the same experience as me, people who lost their hearing or other vital senses, and others who are deaf and live a fulfilled life.

Daily reading and online courses to heal my emotions and adjust my perspective to growth were vital. Working with counsellors and my existing coaches taught me how to master my mindset and how to thrive and has shaped me into the coach I am today.

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Failure's Power & Purposes: How failure works for you
Virginia Picart-Backus Speaker/Teacher/Leadership Life Coach

A look at the powers that failures impart to us & the purposes of why it's a design & a necessity for us to go through them. This is followed by a summary of a healthy way to view & handle failures, & a brief comment on how a life-coach can help.

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