The 2nd Chance at Life Summit
The 2nd Chance at Life Summit
Created 2 years 6 months ago
Organizer Virginia Picart-Backus
The 2nd Chance at Life Summit
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Registration ends: Wed, Jan 26, 2022 6:00 PM (2 years 3 months ago)


The 2nd Chance at Life Summit 1-26-2022

I am looking for speakers to speak at a mini summit I’m putting together for 1-26-2022 titled “The 2nd Chance at Life summit”. Ideal speakers would be life-coaches, or other professionals who coach, treat, or council people who have gone through a catastrophic or life altering event, & are now working through the process of rebuilding their lives, or who would like to begin rebuilding it. The speakers may themselves be people who have gone through such an event.

The heart & theme of the summit is helping people see how they can re-imagine, restructure & rebuild their lives for success after a catastrophic or life-altering event, (not necessarily the physical mechanics of it, but the necessary mindset). Each speaker will have 30-minutes to do their presentation speech, & then answer a question or two from the host after their speech.

Speakers are needed who will agree to help promote this event, & must also agree to the terms stated on the Criteria for Potential Speakers, (please review the Criteria for Potential Speakers document below).

 This will be a 5-hour summit with a limited number of speakers. The summit is free for registrants. However, there is a $97.00 speaker’s fee, which will be refunded when a speaker gets 20 or more registrants for the summit, or when 2 of their registrants purchase a VIP ticket for the event.

If the theme of this 2nd Chance at Life Summit” is something you believe you would be interested in participating in, I would like to invite you to become one of the speakers. Come join us & make a difference in people’s lives. For questions or further information please contact me at