Angela Heath
Angela Heath she/her/hers
Service professionals convert your expertise into CASH

Angela is an international award-winning speaker, trainer and author. She helps you become the go-to professional in your industry. Using her proprietary AI application with human oversight, her company will formulate new services and solutions, write compelling content of any type, and design signature programs that meet your customers' needs. Her Books to Business training includes everything you need to grow your industry authority. It includes a custom book strategy, message development and delivery training as well as high-ticket offer creation.  Angela serves as a Zoom producer creating fabulous online events using little-known Zoom event strategies and third-party apps. By the numbers:


1- Distinguished Alumni Miami University

2- International Public Speaking Awards

4- Books Grossing Six Figures Each

5- National Awards for Signature Program Development

100s- Written Materials

1,000s- Speaking and Training Events

30,000- People Trained