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Certified Image Consultant

Amy Janece is an Image Consultant specializing in helping coaches, speakers, authors, experts, and other professionals to look and feel like a million bucks so they can make a million bucks.

As a best-selling author and speaker, she realized how important it is for people to see you, trust you, and connect with you in order to make the impact you set out to make. That only happens when you have that same trust and connection with yourself.

Like most other women, Amy Janece struggled with her self-image due to media, comments by peers, her size, shape, weight, and more.

When Amy Janece discovered her element and embodied it, she began dressing in the colors that made her shine, instead of the colors that hid her. Compliments changed. Something shifted inside and she doubled her income.

Finding her element made such a profound effect on her life that she became certified to help others see their own beauty and step into it, from the inside out.


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