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Zechariah James - CIBN Connect | 403-370-4472 | |
Founder of CIBN Connect the Largest Private Canadian Business Professionals Networking Organization.

Featured as the keynote speaker at over 300 professional training events in the last 5 years, covering topics such as but not limited to B2B Networking, entrepreneurship, business management, leadership & advanced social media marketing via LinkedIn, Google, Facebook & Twitter.

Facilitated & hosted over 1500 entrepreneur & business professional networking events over the last 8 years.

There is a big world of networking out there, breakfast networking, business referral clubs, evening mixers, lunch n learns & oh so many that I like to class under Guerrilla Networking Tactics including having a professional do it for you. If you or your company want help finding the best way to build strong network relationships & generate warm referrals for your business I am here to help. 


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