Stephanie Grenier
Dr. Stephanie Grenier she/her/hers
Wealth & Wellness Freedom strategies to live your dreams!

Busy financial professionals like super networkers, accountants, attorneys, real estate, mortgage and insurance brokers hire Dr. Stephie's team to teach them and their team how to consistently maximize the value of theirs and their middle class clients' portfolios for legacy wealth, because most don't want to leave big money on the table, deal with inconsistent cash flow or lead generation, nor lose precious years working for money just to pay taxes when money can work for you. 

So we help promptly optimize your passive cash flows including low-risk yet robust fixed assets and effective business structures, minimize essential expenses and taxes, thereby establishing raving fans who give high quality referrals, and experience lifestyle freedom with peace of mind. Bottom line, we empower entrepreneurs to train their teams and families to be their own bank for economic independence, providing both time and financial freedom to live the life you love on your terms, guaranteed!


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